Only a bit less than 4 months until UFC 200! We can’t hardly wait. Already rumors have been going around all over the place. A GSP vs Silva super fight, McGregor vs Lawler for the welterweight title and so on. We made our dream matches as well, this time with a little bit more information […]

The Guy Blog Podcast 009 UFC 196: The McGregor or The Diaz Show?

UFC 196 | The Guy Blog

This episode is a little longer but a whole lot better than most. With our TheGuyBlog.com counterpart, Miguel or Mike if you prefer, and the help of a couple of drinks we go in deep like only 2 MMA fanboys can go.   Today we talk about UFC 196, the main fights, what we think, […]

UFC 196 McGregor vs Diaz Preview

UFC 196 | The Guy Blog

UFC 196 is upon us and despite the loss of Rafael Dos Anjos, the main event seems to be just (if not more) interesting today than it was a couple of weeks ago. With the introduction of Nate Diaz AKA The American Ninja, we have a must see pay per view on our hands. Yes, […]

UFC 196 is CURSED! RDA OUT! Soooo, who’s in?

UFC 196 Plan F | The Guy Blog

Rafael Dos Anjos has been injured (broken foot) and is out of his UFC 196 Super Fight versus the human headline generator Mr. Connor McGregor. That leaves this God forsaken PPV and it’s headliner in need of an opponent and right away 3 names have come up repeatedly: Donald Cerrone Nate Diaz Tony Ferguson

3 Reasons Injuries hurt the UFC while helping the WWE

Injuries happen, especially in contact sports. Well, to be honest, they happen in all sports, contact or not. The grind of training and performing at an exceptionally high level year round is something that the human body isn’t made to handle. Athletes have a higher tolerance for injuries due to being at peak physical condition […]

Press Release: Alex “La Pesadilla Dominicana” Garcia (En Español)

  Montreal Canadá. Lunes 15 febrero, el año 2016 El primer dominicano en poner pie dentro del octágono de la UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Alex  “La pesadilla Dominicana” García dice que está listo para la batalla contra Sean Strickland.  Cuenta que sigue entrenando duro para hacer un buen trabajo en el octágono de UFC y dar la […]

The Rise of Stephen Wonderboy Thompson

Stephen Wonderboy Thompson

Stephen Wonderboy Thompson is an American professional MMA fighter with a background as a full contact kickboxer.  Currently fighting in the UFC as a welterweight that’s blazing a path towards championship contention.

Does the UFC need more vocal fighters?

UFC Tim Kennedy - The Guy Blog

The UFC is the number one mma organization in the world, in part because of Dana White’s unrelentless efforts in promoting mma and the UFC, but also because the UFC has attracted the best fighters in the world. Since 2001 the UFC has been synonymous with mma, increasing the exposure and acceptance of the sport. […]

Top 5 MMA fighters knocking on the door to a championship

5. Josh Thomson You Just came back to the UFC from Strikeforce, became the first man to knockout Nate Diaz in impressive fashion and are wondering what’s your next step in your new company… How about start mentioning your name alongside current UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson and seeing if it sticks? You are now […]

UFC Vid: Undisputed Vs. Undefeated

Awesome video by the guys over at the UFC.  Also follow me on twitter @TheGuyBlog and add www.TheGuyBlog.com to your favorites!  


GateKeepers | The Guy Blog

​Gatekeepers? What is a gatekeeper? A gatekeeper in business is that personal assistant that always tells you that their boss is unavailable, unless they deem you important enough as to take up any of the boss. In the UFC a gatekeeper is a fighter who you have to beat to be deemed good enough to […]