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About The Guy

Who’s Orlando?

I’m Orlando R., a unique blend of a business professional, media enthusiast, and self-proclaimed nerd. As an avid podcaster, blogger, and YouTuber, I’ve channeled my love for wrestling, MMA, television, and movies into my digital platforms, creating a space where passions and professionalism intersect. My curiosity also extends to the realms of graphic novels, where each page turn fuels my creativity and broadens my perspectives.

In my professional life, I’ve gained extensive experience as a Director of Internal Operations and Human Resources. I thrive in dynamic organizations, particularly during periods of rapid growth where my skills in Change Management, Recruitment, Training, and Coaching are put to the test. Despite the challenges that come my way, I continuously strive to navigate through them, fuelled by my love for problem-solving and growth.

Whether I am engrossed in a graphic novel or navigating a complex business scenario, I am a lifelong learner dedicated to personal and professional growth, and that extends to the things that entertain me. And no, don’t judge me; I am just a nerd who knows how to turn passion into productivity.

In every arena, whether it’s content creation or business operations, I bring a unique point of view. My diverse background and eclectic interests allow me to approach situations from unexpected angles and find innovative takes. So whether you’re looking for a fresh take on entertainment and sports news and/or rumors,  or just want to read/hear a different point of view, I’m your guy. Don’t judge me by the unusual combo, but rather by how I deliver.

Renaissance Nerd

I also love sports, video games and comics. I not only read, watch and follow these different things, I study and analyze them. Whether it’s the opportunity to debate someone about how the WWE should divide their creative team to having the opportunity to create a podcast about who’s the most dominant fighter in the UFC, I believe it’s all part of expressing myself creatively.

The Podcast

The inception of The Guy Blog was driven by a desire to share my thoughts, perspectives and in-depth analyses on various forms of entertainment that pique my interest. With a primary focus on professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, the aim is to delve into the intriguing narratives in wrestling and uncover match-making tactics in MMA. Additionally, I closely scrutinize business choices made by powerhouses like AEW, WWE, UFC, ONE Championship, Bellator among others.

The Youtube Channel

What was that? You listened to an episode of the podcast and decided it needed to be seen, not heard. To help you regret that decision, go on over to The Guy Blogs’ Youtube Channel. Actually, the Youtube channel came first, before the podcast, before the blog, and it helped in the creation of everything else. I’d love for you to check it out and leave some comments about what you think of it. 

Want to collaborate?

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast or youtube channel or would like to guest post on the blog, feel free to write to us. Also if vice versa you would like me to join or be a guest on your show or blog/website, let us know.

Just e-mail, it’d be great to talk, spar and/or debate on what’s going on in wrestling, mixed martial arts, movies, TV and comics. 

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