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The Most Badass Superhero Comic Book You’ve Never Heard Of: The Boys

Superhero Comic Books The Boys | The Guy Blog

So, you’re not that into comic books. You’re a grown man, with grown man hobbies. The only Superhero Comic Book you know are those that have been made into major motion pictures. I mean, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who needs to go out and buy a comic. You get to see your superheroes live, breathe, fight and conquer on the big screen. Not only that, but with DC making it’s own cinematic universe, starting with this years’ Batman v…

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10 Forgotten Comic Book Movies

Here are ten comic book films you may have missed before the massive tsunami of the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominated the theater.…

Deadpool Kills The Box Office


DEADPOOL KILLS THE BOX OFFICE! You heard right ladies and gentlemen! You know what that means… it’s time to celebrate! Deadpool soared to a head-turning, historic opening weekend at the…