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The Most Badass Superhero Comic Book You’ve Never Heard Of: The Boys

Superhero Comic Books The Boys | The Guy Blog

So, you’re not that into comic books. You’re a grown man, with grown man hobbies. The only Superhero Comic Book you know are those that have been made into major motion pictures. I mean, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who needs to go out and buy a comic. You get to see your superheroes live, breathe, fight and conquer on the big screen. Not only that, but with DC making it’s own cinematic universe, starting with this years’ Batman v Superman soon to be joined by the rest of the Justice League, you probably think you’re getting the best of both worlds.

But what if I told you that going out and buying a superhero comic book is the only way to get to know a universe where the most badass superhero team is… believable?  Even relatable. But to meet this team you have to be all or nothing, because once you read the first issue you’re going to want to read it all. If you’re ready to enter a world of depravity and manipulation, a world of love and deceit, a world not unlike our own. If you are indeed ready to enter this world, then it’s time to meet… The Boys.

So, what, or who exactly, are The Boys? I mean yes, technically it is a superhero comic book, but… The Boys themselves, who are they? Well, to tell you who they are, I should first tell you what they stand for. Or in this case, what they don’t stand for. They don’t stand for superheroes. Really. As you can see in the family picture above, they’re not really a dress up in bright spandex and smile at the camera type of team. Led by Billy Butcher, they’re a superpowered CIA squad, known informally as “The Boys”, that is charged with monitoring the superhero community.

Now why in the world would the superhero community need monitoring? Well, cause they’re kind of assholes. Not all of them, but enough. I mean, take music and hollywoods’ biggest egos, put them on steroids, give them super powers and the best spandex money can buy, and you’ll have the superheroes of this universe. Talking about superheroes, in this universe there’s no team that’s bigger or better than… The Seven.

Superhero Comic Books The Boys | The Guy Blog

Led by The Homelander (blond hair, blue eyes… of course), The Seven are just that, 7 of the world’s most powerful superheroes who happen to represent the good old US of A. Actually, they represent USA’s biggest company, Vought American, and we all know how honest and well meaning corporations can be, always looking out for the greater good.

I won’t spoil this gold bar of a series, but this is a must read. I love seeing the superhero story get turned on its head. But that’s not The Boys. When you read a superhero comic book, you usually don’t see the “hero” role turned upside down, inside out and all the way around the way The Boys does. Not to mention the insane amount of violence and yes, sex. This is a crazy universe Garth Ennis created and it’s the most awesome rollercoaster your imagination will get on in a really long time.

Trust me, if you like action movies like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon and enjoy the fantastic being turned into somewhat believable gripping stories, then you should do yourself the favor of reading The Boys. Garth Ennis never disappoints and neither do we here at The Guy Blog.

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