1.  TAKING ADVICE FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES This usually happens when you are starting out. In looking for the most efficient way to achieve our fitness goals and get results we start asking as many people as we can for advice. If not that, then you start reading different sources and trying different diets or trying suggested supplements. In my […]

Baked Chicken Spring Rolls by FitMen Cook

Food for Guys – Baked Chicken Spring Rolls by FitMenCook

Guys, it’s not easy to eat healthy, at least not without some help, you know, some recipes and easy step by step guidance. Here is another entry from FitMenCook to help you out. Enjoy.     What are your thoughts on this this recipe?  Leave your comments below, or write to us on twitter @TheGuyBlog

Fitness Meal Prep: BBQ Chicken Wrapped Asparagus

Here is our first entry on eating healthier, guy style, from Fit Men Cook, As always Kevin will be showing all you guys out there that it is not that hard to eat a little healthier.   Guys, if you like the video let us know what you think in the COMMENTS below (that goes […]

Can guys eat healthy and like it? Yes, FitMenCook is the proof

​Can guys eat healthy? Of course we can. Do we like to? Ummm… Next question. No, really, next question.  Honestly, more and more guys are getting into eating healthy and liking it. No doubt why, eating healthy has a lot of benefits. By eating healthy you will lose weight (in the form of fat), feel […]