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This usually happens when you are starting out. In looking for the most efficient way to achieve our fitness goals and get results we start asking as many people as we can for advice. If not that, then you start reading different sources and trying different diets or trying suggested supplements. In my experience change can be good, but when it comes to achieving your fitness goals, consistency is better. So educate yourself and adhere to a plan that works for you.


Everyone would agree that your diet is a critical component of your fitness plan. The problem is, that we tend to want results yesterday. This leads to diet plans that don’t even fit with our lifestyles or with our taste. It’s true that sacrifices need to be made, but not the point where they will not be sustainable. Something to remember is that so many diets exist because we are all unique in what we like. Find a diet that will work with you and what you like.


You’ve got time to achieve your goals, don’t rush it. I’ve had people tell me that they want to loose 30 pounds in three months without ever touching a dumbbell. Losing 30 pounds in 3 months is an achievable goal of course, but not an easy one. The amount of stress you would be subjected to is not for everyone. You can lose your motivation, which leads to losing your focus and then the likelihood of failure increases. I would recommend setting smaller, more attainable goals, at a steadier pace.


“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. The same applies to achieving your fitness goals. You have to first measure where you start and set a realistic goal of where you want to be. Then weekly or biweekly you review your numbers to stay on track.

Setting a goal is basically starting with the end in mind. I’m not just talking about pant size, you should write the exact weight, fat percentage, measurements you want and visualize them everyday. This will help you stay motivated.


Like I said before, consistency is the key. You have to give your body time so that it gets used to the workouts, to the diet plan. It is not a race, it is a lifestyle… and if it was a race, then it’d be a marathon and not a sprint. Every time you think about giving up, take a look at your goals, why you started in the first place and where you want to be. For long term success your going to have to get used to looking forward towards your goals and not back at your failures.


“Nothing of greatness has ever been done alone”. I would recommend sharing with friends and loved ones your goals, this will empower you with a sense of commitment, to them and to yourself. Join forums and share your experiences, your struggles and your successes big and small. Hire a personal trainer if your budget allows or simply post on your social networks your progress.

Remember, the purpose of having fitness goals is to be a better version of yourself. So you should want to achieve and then maintain them. It will not be easy, it will not be fun, specially in the beginning. But as time goes on and you focus on yourself and your goals, it will become easier and easier. Also, you will trip, you will stumble and you will fall… but what will matter is how fast you get back on track.

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  1. Such a great read. All are true, especially the lack of patience. Way back then, I was an obese guy. I decided and started to go the gym because I want to lose some weight and have a normal body, but along the way, I was losing enthusiasm and less becoming patient. Someone convinced me to be more patient and not to give up if I want to have a normal body because it won’t happen too fast – – you need to be determined, work hard and be patient to achieve what you want. And it really worked.

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