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Can guys eat healthy and like it? Yes, FitMenCook is the proof

​Can guys eat healthy? Of course we can. Do we like to? Ummm… Next question. No, really, next question. 

Honestly, more and more guys are getting into eating healthy and liking it. No doubt why, eating healthy has a lot of benefits. By eating healthy you will lose weight (in the form of fat), feel more energized and gain innumerable health benefits. Also if you’ve decided to start working out, eating healthy will help maximize the effects of your workouts and even if your not working out, you’ll be ready to be more active in your life (even if it’s additional energy for an all weekend long Call Of Duty multiplayer marathon that your looking for).

​Now, what about guys like us that want to eat healthier, but don’t want to ignore our love of meats and flavorful food. What are we supposed to do? Eating healthy and eating flavorful food are not  things that are normally thought of as being similar things. Usually it’s eat a salad or eat a burger. One is healthy, the other is flavorful. But Kevin over at FitMenCook shows us that we don’t have to choose between healthy and flavorful, we can marry the 2 with simple, easy to follow recipes.

FitMenCook has a great website that you should add to your favorites where you will find plenty of recipes and ideas to make your journey towards a healthy lifestyle an easier one. There is also a FitMenCook twitter account and a youtube channel. I am not joking, there are a LOT of recipes and they are pretty awesome and easy to execute (and of course, FLAVORFUL).

Now, for the benefit of all the guys who like to come to The Guy Blog to get their daily fix, I will be posting at least one FitMenCook video recipe a week​. 

Remember to comment below and/or follow us on twitter @TheGuyBlog, to follow FitMenCook on twitter just click @FitMenCook

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