Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s – Miguel Edition

Top 20 Action movies of 1990s | The Guy Blog

So this is my take on the top 20 action movies of the 1990s list. I have to say I am quite influenced by my dad’s preferences┬ásince that guy is quite the action movie geek. Hope you enjoy it! DIE HARD 2 Yipikayei! This movie is one of the most iconic action films of the […]

008 State of the WWE on the Road to WrestleMania – The Guy Blog Podcast

Wrestlemania | The Guy Blog

On this episode I’ll be talking with Lando about new superstars coming in, SHANE-O-MAC and the state of the WWE post FastLane. As mentioned, movie critic and wrestling fan Lando Reyes is on The Guy Blog podcast today. That means one thin, we’re talking wrestling, of course, and more to the point, we’re talking WWE […]


Sexy Car | The Guy Blog

Men love cars. It is encrypted in our genetic code. Besides women, it’s one of the most talked about subjects between guys. To us cars can be an extension of us and what we want around us. There are cool cars, tough cars, cute cars, sports cars and then there are headturning sexy cars. Cars […]