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Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s – Miguel Edition

Top 20 Action movies of 1990s | The Guy Blog

So this is my take on the top 20 action movies of the 1990s list. I have to say I am quite influenced by my dad’s preferences since that guy is quite the action movie geek.

Hope you enjoy it!


Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s - Miguel Edition - Die Hard - The Guy Blog

Yipikayei! This movie is one of the most iconic action films of the 90’s. What can be more awesome than having a single cop take on a bunch of heavily armed mercenaries, this time not in a building but in an airport! They just don’t make them like this one anymore.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s terminator-2 / The Guy Blog

Is it sci-fi or is it action? The truth is it doesn’t matter. Be ready to watch robot Arnold destroy a whole city protecting John Connor. This movie is filled with thrills, explosions, car chase and some famous movie lines.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s El Mariachi / The Guy Blog

The reason why I love this movie is because the production budget was $7,000. And they managed to make a very entertaining movie. Sure it will not have the special effects of other movies in the list, but I am sure you’ll like it. It also marked the debut of Robert Rodriguez.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s Lethal_Weapon_3 / The Guy Blog

By this time we already love the characters. This time they take on cop killers. This is the type of funny action movies you’ll love.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s Demolition Man / The Guy Blog

What can be cooler then Sylvester Stallone chasing a bad guy in the future? That the bad guy is Wesley Snipes. This two make the perfect on camera good and bad guy and they really go at it! Also you’ll catch Sandra Bullock in her beginnings.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s The Fugitive / The Guy Blog

Harrison Ford is on the run! This is not your typical shoot out movie, but I am sure you will enjoy the chase and the thrill.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s Hard Target / The Guy Blog

There is something special about one guy beating on a lot of bad guys. Well in this movie you get to see Jean-Claude Van Damme being hunted or hunting a lot of bad guys? Whatever the case its awesome.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s Point of No return / The Guy Blog

Hell yeah women can be badass! And this movie is a testament to that. A hot former drug addict turned covert government operative taking on dangerous missions and shooting everybody while doing so… what more can you ask for?



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s Leon The Professional / The Guy Blog

“The perfect assassin” as it was named in Spanish regions, shows Jean Reno as a contract killer protecting Mathilda (Natalie Portman) from a bunch of bad guys . Almost the entire movie takes place in their apartment building, but the way he takes care of things is quite amusing.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s The River Wild / The Guy Blog

Again, not your typical shootout movie but it is full of thrill and non stop action… in a river. Watch a young and fit Meryl Streep protecting her family by taking on a couple of bad guys and a menacing river! Great movie to watch with a girl.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s Speed / The Guy Blog

So if you like non-stop car chases and action, you’ll love this movie. It is not exactly a car chase but come on the bus can’t go under 60mph or it will blow. Also I can’t get the soundtrack theme out of my head.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s True Lies / The Guy Blog

For me the best action film Arnie made until this day. It’s funny, fast paced, non-stop action. Also famous for having Jamie Lee Curtis doing a super sexy strip dance.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s Golden Eye / The Guy Blog

I am a James Bond fan, thanks to my dad. And this movie marks the remaking of the modern James Bond. It is filled with your typical James Bond stuff, gadgets, beautiful women, cool cars, and lots of shooting.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s Independence Day / The Guy Blog

I am not a big fan of alien movies. But this movie takes a different approach to it. It is filled with lots of actions, f16 chasing aliens (think of Top Gun against the aliens) and big ass explosions. Plus the president’s speech gives you something to talk about.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s The Long Kiss Goodnight / The Guy Blog

I love movies were they portrait women as badasses. Geena Davis gets a bump on the head and remembers she used to be a top-secret agent, so naturally bad guys want to hunt her and kill her.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s The Rock / The Guy Blog

Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage (when he was good) team up to save some hostages in Alcatraz. The unconventional pairing will do by themselves what a complete team of badass operatives couldn’t. This movie ROCKS (see what I did there?)



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s Air Force One / The Guy Blog

The United States Air Force One gets kidnapped and the only man that can save the plane is… yup, the president himself. Need I say more? It’s awesome!



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s Con Air / The Guy Blog

What happened to Nicolas Cage! This movie is awesome. One of my favorite action films ever. This guy will do the impossible to save a couple of officers from a hijacked plane filled with prisoners.



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s Jackie-Chan / The Guy Blog

You can’t have an action list without Jackie Chan. In this movie he doesn’t remember who he is but he knows Kung Fu and that’s all that matters. The scene where he fights the Taekwondo guy is sick!



Top 20 Action Movies of the 1990s The Matrix / The Guy Blog

This is my favorite movie of all times. I even bought the original special edition Blu-ray (and I basically download everything) . This movie changed the game. The combination of never before seen special effects, and the story line, and the hand to hand fights and shooting make this a must see film for the action movie geek.


There you have it guys. Make sure to comment if you think there are any other movies that might needed to make the list. And make sure to tell Orlando that my list is better than his.


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