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Urijah Faber and Phil Davis host MMA Combine, Create

Urijah Faber and Phil Davis will be hosting the first ever NFL type combine for MMA at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas next July.​ The idea is to have 100 MMA up and comers showcase their physical gifts for all to see. The point is to give those who otherwise wouldn’t be noticed a place to shine.

​This aligns perfectly with the new website Faber and Davis have created with just this idea in mind. is suppose to do the same thing but online for all amateur fighters out there. This is a great service and idea that if executed correctly could become a great way to find new fighters that otherwise would go unnoticed, not only for the UFC, but for all fighting organizations.

​Let’s see if Faber and Davis can push and follow through with this concept as well as they do their fight plans in the octagon.

​What do you guys and gals think? Is an MMA combine a good idea or is it too ahead of it’s time? Comment below or on twitter!

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