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Mitrione vs Browne - The Guy Blog


Matt Mitrione vs Travis Browne – UFC Fight Night 81


Both fighters come out in the first round looking to feel each other out quickly. Both seem to be weary of the others power. This is a fight that can end with one single punch and both fighters know it. 2 minutes in and still in the feeling out process, other than a punch here and a kick there, not much has happened. A couple of front kicks were exchanged, Mitrione lands a right to the head. Browne lands a kick to the body. Mitrione landed a shot to the head that affected Browne but not for long. Rounds about to end, we hear the clapper and… finger in the eye of Mitrione. It looks like Brownes’ pinky got completely into the right eye of Mitrione. Doctor checks him out, all’s good. They restart and the round ends.



Mitrione comes out very aggressive with a combination of punches. Browne comes out inscathed. Another finger in the eye, but this time the fight isn’t stopped right away, Browne looks to take advantage. It was a full thumb in the eye, but Mitrione doesn’t let Browne get the best of him. Then he finally yells out that he is seeing double and the referee pauses the fight. Doctor comes in, checks Mitrione out, clears him to continue. Fight restarts and both fighters are more aggressive. Prior to the eye poke, Mitrione caught Browne clean a couple of times with a jab to the head. Looking to repeat that in the second half of the round. Mitrione keeps trying for leading punch. This time it costs him as he ends up on his back with Brown on top of him. Browne looks like he’s going for a submission, then a choke, Mitrione escapes both and manages to get back up. One minute left in the round. Both fighters remain active and aggressive. Browne keeps catching Mitrione with a knee to the body. Clappers sound, round ends.



Fighters come out, a little slower, a little more reserved. First minute passes without any big shots. Second minute starts a little different, both fighters are starting to get more aggressive with their jabs. Browne catches Mitrione with a shot to the head as he was stepping forward. Browne gets Mitriones’ back and slams him to the ground. He gets top position and starts working his ground and pound. Mitrione is in trouble, but needs to protect himself intelligently to have a chance. Browne lands some elbows and some heavy shots. Not looking good for Mitrione.  This fight is going to get stopped. There it is.
Winner by TKO: Travis Browne

Now lets see the next fight, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis vs Eddie Alvarez!

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