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The Break Up of Team B.A.D.

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After the recent happenings of Monday Night Raw, it seems the arena crowds and Team Bella have began to start the demise of the stable consisting of Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina. The recognition for the achievements of former NXT Women’s champion, Sasha Banks, are transcending to the main roster through “We Want Sasha” chants. These chants are incited by the crowd during any appearance of Team B.A.D., especially when “The Boss” is not actively wrestling in the ring. On the latest Raw, Brie Bella took it upon herself to grab a microphone and start her own “We Want Sasha”chants during the Naomi versus Nikki Bella match. Attempting to stop Brie from distracting Naomi, Sasha takes out the Bella but to no avail. Nikki gets the win over Naomi and one has to wonder whether this is where Team B.A.D. goes the similar route as Team PCB and break up. 


Personally, I think all the factions need to break up. These women are entirely too talented to just be bunched up in such an illogical manner. In the case of Team B.A.D., I’m pretty sure the WWE is going to go the route of Naomi becoming envious of the demand for Sasha Banks and turn on her at some point. I would REALLY hope they do not go this route. Mainly because it’s too obvious and too typical of how things have been as of late on the main roster.


If I had my way, I would have Tamina be the one who sparks the flames of tension in the group. I think they can play on several facts that can make her feel entitled that she should not be in the shadow of either Sasha or Naomi. Tamina has been on the main roster longer than the other two. She is Samoan, so there’s a right for entitlement with just that alone. Hell, I know the WWE will never acknowledge it but now that her father is being brought to trial for murder, it could open an avenue where Tamina can be a very emotionally charged person, where she can lash out on any given impulse. What better motivation for that to be brought out than when the spotlight continues to be on her team mates?


Sasha Banks The Boss

Sasha Banks truly owns her character at this point and can just be the “Legit Boss” that she is. She’ll just remind Tamina of her failures of pursuing the Divas title in the past and how she only found success being the valet for much more talented superstars.



Naomi I think is one of the most grossly under utilized performers on the WWE roster. When she is not just showcasing her ass to be a lead to a simple wrestling move, she is actually very talented with a very fun moveset. Since she has the dance background, I feel she should implement more of that instead of doing her best Rikishi impressions. If she does that, she could potentially be a top face for years to come. If this break up does happen, Naomi needs to come out of this as a face. Her heel run is insincere and her previous face run was lacking substance because she was The Funkasaurus’s back up dancer. This is a great chance to finally build something with Naomi as a face and they just need to do that by letting her be herself.


In Total Divas, Trinity, Naomi’s name in real life, is a sweet person who highly cares for the people around her and just wants everyone to get along and not have problems. She is just too nice of a person to be bad. So with animosity between Tamina and Sasha continuing to ascend in my hypothetical situation, Naomi’s instincts should lead her to be the one trying to get everyone to get along and get on the same page because dissension is what the Bellas want. The problem is Tamina is uncontrollable and Sasha will think Naomi’s efforts are done out naivety. Naomi pleads the case until she finally reaches her breaking point and realizes there is no use in helping the two if they do not want the help. Trinity is not a fool and knows when to leave a situation for her own well being.

Team BAD

Except, Tamina and Sasha will begin to bargain with Naomi for her allegiance and attempts to guilt or even threaten Naomi if she does not choose between the two. That’s when Naomi finally has it and chooses to fight both of them instead of being the fool in the middle. After a final triple threat showdown, Naomi comes out victorious and stronger than ever, finally seeing her potential come to fruition and moves on to title aspirations.


Sasha The Boss

Sasha will become even more motivated after being defeated by Naomi, with the potential of establishing a rivalry for years to come. Tamina could be passed off as the maliciously imposing, monster Diva for sometime or until the WWE can not figure out what else to do with her.


I personally hope the WWE doesn’t go the obvious route with this one. There is so much potential to build on the Divas roster and if every superstar can have a chance to establish themselves, the competition will seem dynamic and limitless.


What do you think, agree or disagree in the comments below… or on twitter (@SlickVic954).

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