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5 Wrestlers in Need of a Push in the WWE

Wrestlers in the WWE fall into 2 categories at all times and no, it’s not babyfaces and heels. In the WWE you’re either in one of the top 2 storylines in the company or you’re just another filler in the show.  This means that for the most part, a lot of good talent is being misused and getting lost in the shuffle.

From the “entertainers” that only get to wrestle without actually causing an impact to the wrestlers who don’t get enough time to entertain us despite their obvious talent, the WWE is showing an amazing ability to hire some of the best talent in the world… and then proceed to leave them hanging in the wind. What can I say? Competition breeds innovation… desire… excellence… New stars rise from competition and the WWE is simply too afraid to let the following 5 superstars to compete for the spotlight they so justly deserve.

At number 5 we have:

5. Whether I like him or not, I Bo-Lieve in… Bo Dallas


From NXT Champion to WWE jobber, Bo Dallas has run the gamut. Through it all he has shown a knack for pushing the WWE universes’ buttons every time he grabs a mic. Seemingly born to be a heel, Bo Dallas shows up… when he gets a chance. A good wrestler and even better talker, he definitely has a future in this business and can grow into a headliner… just not right now. But a push into a solid middle-card storyline can give him the TV time he needs to become legit. Somebody that doesn’t have this problem is #4 on the list and that is:


4. Keeping this list in the family, we now have the leader of his own… Bray Wyatt


Storylines are not Bray Wyatts’ problem. He keeps getting put in them… decent ones too. Not only does he get good storylines, but it’s usually against some of the best talent in the company. Did I mention he can wrestle too? Like, really good. He’s actually one of the best and tends to have great matches. That is also the reason he’s on this list. Bray Wyatt has become what I would call a high level jobber. Why? Well, because when a top talent in the company is without a storyline, they get Bray Wyatt and use him to get that top talent over in a big way. However after a few months and one or two PPV matches later Bray Wyatt is back on his rocking chair… talking to the masses about how he is the leader and how they are all sheep… and he repeats this every so often until the WWE figures out who else needs to be put over.  You know who’s never on that list… the man at #3.


3. Tic, tic, tic… BOOM! All Rise For The Hardcore King… Dean Ambrose!


The resident lunatic in the WWE, Dean Ambrose, is also the man to bring back some of the edge this current iteration  of the WWE universe is missing. From having a unique style in the ring to having a crazy personality in and out of it, Dean Ambrose seems destined for greatness. The WWE universe loves him and he shows his love back by doing things to his body inside (and outside) the ring that leave no doubt as to what style of wrestler he is. His uniqueness makes it difficult to put him in a “prototypical” storyline. He can’t be the hero that gets the clean victories but he’s most definitely not the villain that needs to cut corners to win. What does that make him then? What is he? Where does he belong? The answer is quite simple actually… He’s a hero and a villain that belongs in a category all his own… he’s a hardcore king! That’s right, the push he needs is to be the new HARDCORE CHAMPION! He’s the perfect candidate to bring this title back. Who else is crazy enough to defend a title anytime… anywhere… 24/7? This title needs to be brought back and Dean Ambrose needs to be the man to own it. While Ambrose deserves to be the Hardcore King… others deserve to have the universe in their hands… talking about universe, let’s get to our number two.


2. Hailing From the Fifth Dimension… a Future WWE Hall of Famer, Stardust!


Hailing from one of the greatest wrestling families in the business. The Rhodes have a tendency to take the weirdest, strangest, most ridiculous gimmicks and make them credible. Cody Rhodes… I mean… Stardust might be the best in the family. He has the looks, more importantly he has the talent. He’s been given truly ridiculous gimmicks and each and every time he has created memorable and entertaining characters. Stardust has gone from looking like a bust to a celebrity fighting, top level quality talent. Sure, it’s hard to picture him carrying one of the main storylines… but then again he’s been hard to picture making any of his storylines work… and yet he does it each and every time. Stardust shines like the star that he is, no pun intended. He grows and grows and the WWE universe to bend to his will… and if he’s put into one of the main storylines he will continue to do so. But the if the we’re talking about the WWE universe, then you can’t do that without talking about who’s at the top of this list at #1


  1. Main Event Talent… Main Event Looks… It’s Too Bad That They’re (Yes, THEY) This Good… Tied At #1, CESARO and DOLPH ZIGGLER.

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From having the right looks to having the right moves, Cesaro and Ziggler are 2 wrestlers that are Main Event ready. Top of the line talents that have the ability to force their way to the top of the WWE universe despite horrible booking and appalling non pushes, these 2 talented superstars keep rising despite no help from the WWE writers and decision makers. Cesaro is arguably the strongest pound for pound superstar in the entire WWE roster and is built like a superhero. Dolph Ziggler is a scraggly haired superstar that is one of the best technical (and homegrown) wrestlers the WWE has produced in decades that just so happen to have model looks and charisma to match. Both are superstars that the WWE universe loves to love. That leads to unbriddled support no matter how hard they get ignored nor how horribly they get booked. They get huge pops no matter what, fans spend their hard earned money to print signs to dedicate entire sections of the crowds to them… I mean, they literally represent everything the WWE wants to achieve via their storylines… except that these 2 achieve it by sheer love and respect from the fans, without requiring much help from the decision makers. Instead of seeing the easy money in front of them, the powers that be decide to push against the desires of the fans and actually avoid taking advantage of the opportunity these Top Level superstars present. I mean, they should be headlining shows and PPVs, they’ve shown the talent, charisma and desire to do so. They have the backing of the fans (ummm… isn’t that all that should matter?) and the looks and talent to make any storyline they are put in work, and yet there they go, solid middle of the show storylines… if they’re lucky.


As a wrestling, MMA and entertainment blogger, and a WWE fan for over 20 years, I have seen eras come and go and seen talents rise and fall. The men on this list are not just good wrestlers or entertainers, they are good performers that can succeed in the style of wrestling entertainment the WWE specializes in.


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