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Fighter pay in MMA

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Fighter pay is the topic of the moment. The UFC is the most recognizable MMAUFC Cash - The Guy Blog brand in the world, so it’s no surprise that most comments are directed at them.


When it comes to fighter pay, opinions are coming from all directions and all points of view. Top level fighters don’t make enough in comparison to  boxers. Bottom tier fighters don’t make enough in accordance with the kind of money the UFC pulls in.

The reality is all in the eye of the beholder. Everyone is talking about fighter pay in the UFC, but Bellator and other promotions are basically ignored. The truth is the UFC is treating fighters better than most organizations. Just the fact that they offer full comprehensive healthcare coverage for all fighters under contract  makes them the best organization for a fighter to be in.

A bottom tier fighter in the UFC makes around $8,000 per fight, that’s figuring he doesn’t win. If he does win then he’s making double that, not to mention the possibility for bonuses. Do UFC fighters earn enough money to prepare for a fight and make a living? Not if they are just starting out, not if they aren’t putting on good fights. But isn’t that the same as in boxing? kickboxing? Heck, even in wrestling you only make the big money after you’ve proven yourself to the organization and the fans.

The reality about fighter pay in the UFC is that it has been going up as the organization has grown. The bigger the UFC becomes, the higher the pay will get. That’s how it’s been and how it looks like it will continue to be. Dana White has been a man of his word and the UFC has taken care of it’s fighters overall. There will always be the few who complain and that’s their right, but we have to remember that the UFC isn’t the only  MMA organization around. Fighters want to get paid better, but they want to get paid better in the UFC, because it’s where they’ll get the most exposure, have a better chance at getting better sponsors and it’s where they’ll get the most mainstream recognition. All of this is because of the money the UFC has invested in MMA as sport.

I understand that fighters want better pay, but who doesn’t. Whether you’re a fighter, a lawyer, an administrative assistant or a mechanic, everyone wants to get paid better. It’s not the UFC’s job to eat into it’s own profits beyond what’s reasonable because that’s what would eventually force them to close up shop (remember Pride, Strikeforce, WEC, etc). The UFC is planning to be around for the long haul, for that to work, fighter pay has to grow organically with the company, not exponentially as most fighters would like.

What do you guys think is best? Is fighter pay fair or could they raise the bar? COMMENT BELOW!!!

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