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What just happened? This is absolutely crazy. Silva played with fire and got burned.  This was bound to happen, but not like this. I can’t even write his name and the word lose in the same sentence, it just doesn’t feel right. This is more like a gift Weidman has received. It just doesn’t feel real and I can’t seem to tell you guys what happened, even though I’m sure you saw or figured it out by now.

There is a new champion in the UFC, he has an undefeated record and has done what no man has been able to do in the last 7 years. This is absolutely crazy, and yes, I am still in shock. Safe to say that Silva did not take Weidman very seriously, if he did he didn’t show it in the octagon. The only problem is Weidman isn’t Damien Maia, he’s younger, faster and stronger. He’s a better wrestler, better striker and has better reflexes. Also he had no fear, being in your early 20s and being undefeated does that to you.

You guys will read the words on other sites, you’ll hear from your friends how it happened, I’ll write something better tomorrow. For tonight, all I can say is Silva won tonight, because he finally beat himself, it just so happens that Weidman was in there to take advantage of it.


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