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Why did Rousey lose?

Rousey lost, no doubt about it and now we all have to get used to a new champion. However I want to talk about the why more than the what. Holm won because of preparation and skill, 2 things that Rousey doesn’t lack, so what made the difference in the octagon. That’s what I’ll be […]

Paquiao VS Mayweather: Will or Wont They?

It’s about time… that’s what everybody will think when this fight gets OFFICIALLY announced. I say officially because this isn’t our first merry go round with this fight. Everytime it looks more and more like Floyd Mayweather is avoiding this fight. Sometimes perception can become reality and no matter whether its true or not, it dos […]

The Ultimate Fighter 18 – Ronda and Miesha

The Ultimate Fighter: Tate vs Rousey - The Guy Blog

The relationship between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate has never been a good one. On season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter we got to see that having to spend more time together did not help in the least, as was expected. Ronda has never shied away when asked to express how she feels about Miesha, […]

The Ultimate Fighter 18 – Losers Edition

The Ultimate Fighter: Tate vs Rousey - The Guy Blog

After watching the season finale and analyzing the fighters from this season, it’s actually pretty easy to determine the winners and losers from season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter. In this article, I’m going to focus on the losers from this season. Now, by losers I don’t mean those who actually lost fights but more […]

Does the UFC need more vocal fighters?

UFC Tim Kennedy - The Guy Blog

The UFC is the number one mma organization in the world, in part because of Dana White’s unrelentless efforts in promoting mma and the UFC, but also because the UFC has attracted the best fighters in the world. Since 2001 the UFC has been synonymous with mma, increasing the exposure and acceptance of the sport. […]

Fighter pay in MMA

UFC Cash - The Guy Blog

Fighter pay is the topic of the moment. The UFC is the most recognizable MMA brand in the world, so it’s no surprise that most comments are directed at them.   When it comes to fighter pay, opinions are coming from all directions and all points of view. Top level fighters don’t make enough in […]


What just happened? This is absolutely crazy. Silva played with fire and got burned.  This was bound to happen, but not like this. I can’t even write his name and the word lose in the same sentence, it just doesn’t feel right. This is more like a gift Weidman has received. It just doesn’t feel […]

3 reasons why the term UNDEFEATED is overrated

3 reasons the term undefeated is overrated: 1. Anderson Silva 2. Georges St. Pierre   3. Jon Jones Boom. Follow me on twitter  @TheGuyBlog  and add to your favorites!  

Top 5 MMA fighters knocking on the door to a championship

5. Josh Thomson You Just came back to the UFC from Strikeforce, became the first man to knockout Nate Diaz in impressive fashion and are wondering what’s your next step in your new company… How about start mentioning your name alongside current UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson and seeing if it sticks? You are now […]

UFC Vid: Undisputed Vs. Undefeated

Awesome video by the guys over at the UFC.  Also follow me on twitter @TheGuyBlog and add to your favorites!  

Is Lyoto Machida’s time as a believable contender done?

Lyoto Machida has gone from one of the most exciting fighters to watch to one of the most boring. Once a fighter with an undefeated streak loses, that’s wen you have to start paying attention, because that is when you will see what that fighter is really made of. Lyoto looked like an MMA puzzle […]