TGBP 038 Let’s Talk UFC LW Title Picture

I’m back in video form! It ‘s been awhile, but it feels great to be back. It feels even better to be back talking about the UFC Lightweight Title picture. I made a couple of little mistakes in this vid, but hey, you get back on the bike, you might stumble a little bit too. […]

TGBP 035 Daniel Cormier Is The Champ Again… Stop Hating

So let’s talk about the “hate” that’s going up Daniel Cormiers’ way. Why? For nothing that he’s done. He did nothing wrong, he did not embarrass himself and his division, he has not been a sad representation of what’s wrong in MMA and he has not put himself in a bad position after bad position. […]

TGBP 034 Canelo vs Golovkin: Boxing Went Full Boxing In Decision

I expected Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez to deliver a classic boxing slugfest, and boy did they ever. What it didn’t deliver on, however, was any consistency from the judges’ cards, who ruled the fight a split draw.Golovkin retained his unified middleweight title before a sold-out crowd of 22,358 at the T-Mobile Arena, but few […]

TGBP 033 UFC 215: Let’s Talk About The Fight The Wasn’t

UFC 215 ended up exceeding expectations, something that usually happens with fight cards that are barely promoted and whose historic main event wasn’t even really advertised. With that being said, I want to focused on that cancelled main event and the way it wasn’t promoted. There aren’t many historic events happening every year in MMA, this was […]

TGBP 032 Khabib Nurmagomedov: Still Calling His Shots?

So Khabib Nurmogomedov is saying he wants the winner of the Tony Ferguson vs. Kevin Lee interim title match. That’s all fine and great, but why should he get what he wants?. Per Khabib: “I know (Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee) talk (expletive) about everybody, but I don’t want this,” Nurmagomedov said. “I know this: […]


McGregor vs Mayweather is over and done with. Better than the Pacquiao fight, by a mile, this fight somehow delivered on its marketing promise. 10 rounds of excitement. 10 rounds of unexpected quality boxing. My thoughts on the fight and its consequences. As always, let me know what you think. I want your opinion, so […]

TGBP 029 It’s Almost Time: McGregor vs Mayweather

McGregor vs Mayweather is almost upon us. Listen as I reflect on how the buildup might be better than the fight and the potential outcomes and consequences of each! As always, let me know what you think. I want your opinion, so you can shoot me an e-mail at or reach me @TheGuyBlog on Instagram and @TheGuyBlog on Twitter. As […]

TGBP 028 Jon Bones Jones Urkel’ed It Again

I am as tired as the next guy with the things Jon Jones has done to derail his career. Every time he seems to be getting back on track, he does something new to mess up. As innovative as he has been inside the octagon it’s his creativity in finding new ways to mess up […]

TGBP 025 Quick Hit: Frank Mir To Bellator

Frank Mir has signed with Bellator, it’s time to get ready for a career resurgence. One of the greatest heavyweight fighters of all time has signed with the second biggest MMA promotion in the world. Find out why I think this is great for both Frank Mir and all MMA fans.As always, let me know […]


UFC 214 is done and over. Let’s talk about this great fight card.As always, let me know what you think. I want your opinion, so you can shoot me an e-mail at or reach me @TheGuyBlog on Instagram and @TheGuyBlog on Twitter. As always it’s been a pleasure to share and talk with you guys. Also, check out the official […]

TGBP 020 Dana White and the Future of the UFC

Dana White has gone into full IDGAF mode and it’s hurting the future of the biggest MMA promotion in the world. I go into why Dana is just being Dana, something that was great for the company years ago but also something that is becoming its biggest obstacle. As always, let me know what you […]

TGBP 018 Mayweather VS McGregor- First Look

I let all the articles announcing that this match has been signed come out. All the articles and posts with everyone talking about how could this happen and how much money is on the table have been written. So it’s time for me to talk about what matter: does McGregor have a chance? Short answer? […]