Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami at UFC 134 in RIO, WTF?!?!?!

WTF?!?! Yushin Okami?… Yushin who??? That’s how I wanna begin this, because honestly, I know there are not a lot of fighters at middleweight who seem ready or deserving of fighting (or even looking to have a chance at beating) Anderson Silva, but again, let me begin with my philosophical query, W-T-F?!?! And its not […]

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UFC on FOX, Awesome!!!

  UFC on FOX is one of the best news I’ve heard for mma ever. This means a major network is going to be backing this sport and it will now be able to reach millions more viewers than ever before. On top of this it means professional analysis pre and post fights. You can […]

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Ben Henderson should be called rubberman

How many times did it look like Ben Henderson should’ve tapped? How many times did it look like Miller was about to win? I mean, DAMN! Henderson is unbelievable in his submission defense. It’s not even defense, it just seems that no matter how tight or how hard a submission is locked in, it doesn’t […]

Is it me or is Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone way too underrated?

Ok, after watching yet another entertaining fight in which Donald Cerrone was involved and won, I had to ask, is he still underrated? I mean, every time I see him fight, he’s a beast. He comes ready, he puts on a show and he fights to finish, what else could you ask for? And he […]

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Matt Hamill Retires

Matt Hamill, the fighter that was born deaf and was an inspiration not only in what he accomplished but the way he did it, has decided to retire. Matt states that he no longer has a desire to fight. Honestly, I think this is great, not because we no longer get to see Matt Hamill […]

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UFC 133: Evans vs Ortiz & Belfort vs Akiyama

Honestly I was out and wasn’t able to get home in time to watch all the fights on UFC 133, except for the last 2. Belfort Vs. Akiyama Vitor Belfort did what he is supposed to do in every fight. Be AGGRESSIVE and let his hands GO!!! If taken to the ground we know Vitors’ pedigree […]

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Showtime Pettis Kick

I remember when I saw this fight originally and I thought “W-T-F!!!!! SHOWTIME IS FOR REAL, THIS KID IS CRAZY!!!!” man, others try to hit this, the real deal is that Pettis does this and many more crazy things in the octagon… he is going to keep rising because he is for real!!! deathofthought: if […]