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UFC 223: Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov… Finally

For full-fledged MMA fans, those that know the difference between a kimura and an armbar, UFC 223 is must see. Two fighters who are so used to winning, they simply can’t back down and definitely won’t give an inch to the other. This is a battle of skill and a battle of wills, who will win? They both have to make it to the octagon first.

At UFC 223 we will see Nurmagomedov who remains undefeated throughout his career, at 25-0, while Ferguson (23-3) has beaten 10 straight UFC opponents. Both are feats not normally seen in the worlds’ premier MMA organization, especially in a division that is consistently packed with talent. At the same time, even with a division this deep, it has never been more clear that 2 fighters are the best it has to offer.

I could write 1,000 words about this fight to try and get you excited about it, or I could let Joe Rogan and Jimmy Smith do their thing and tell you why this is the fight you didn’t know you needed to see if you are into MMA.


If after watching that you still don’t understand what’s the big deal about this matchup, then I just need you to trust me and watch it anyway. UFC 223 is really all about this one match and this one match, if it goes down, will be totally worth it. This fight represents the purity and the spectacle the UFC always promised MMA would deliver. The 2 best fighters in a division (and these are the 2 best fighters in this division) going at it to prove who is better prepared, who is stronger, who is more skilled and who has the will to beat the other.

I know this fight is on WrestleMania weekend so it could mess with your all wrestling weekend plans, however, it is such a good fight that it will be worth to wedge a little MMA into your pro-wrestling plans. Having said that, enjoy an awesome weekend of both pro-wrestling and MMA events!

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