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Anderson Silva wins convincingly, who’s next?

Anderson Silva beats Yushin Okami pretty much the same way everyone imagined. It was convincing, it was entertaining and it was dominating.

Then why did it bore me? I think it’s the same reason most of the last 4 fights of Anderson have bored me (excluding his fight versus Chael Sonnen). It’s not Andersons’ fault. He now has a mystique around him, and that leads every fighter that talks the talk about being able to defeat him to be unable to walk the walk. They turn into jell-o in the octagon. They hesitate on every step, every punch is second guessed for fear of being KO’d. So they step into the octagon and face Anderson just to cash that big payday, but you can tell they don’t really believe that they can beat him. Their body language tells you they have been defeated before the opening bell rings.

Chael Sonnen is the exception, Chael fought Anderson the right way, no fear, in his face, pedal to the metal, I’ll either win big or lose big attitude, and he lost, but he also gained. He gained my respect and the respect of many other fight fans. I bet that if you asked Anderson Silva, out of his last 5 opponents, which he respected more after a fight than he did before, and the only name that would come out of his mouth is Chael Sonnen.

But Sonnen got suspended and now that he’s back they are not going to put him against Anderson right away. Sonnens’ gotta beat somebody before getting that opportunity, so we got this Yushin Okami fight. And we got pretty much the same result. A one sided fight that was only partly interesting because Anderson felt like having fun with Yushin, before beating him like all the others.

So that leaves one question, without Chael Sonnen to fight, who’s next for Anderson Silva? Who can be a good opponent that might at least put up an interesting fight?

You see it’s not about Anderson winning or losing For me, as a fan, it’s about seeing a good fight. Its never good fight when one fighter is completely confident in his skills and his ability to win and the other is afraid of getting beat.

I want Anderson to get an opponent that will take the fight to him, and I bet he wants that too. Dana White, get on that… or give us Silva Vs. Sonnen 2, cause that’s a rematch I woud pay to see over and over again. That is actually Anderson’s best fight in the last couple years.

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