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Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami at UFC 134 in RIO, WTF?!?!?!

WTF?!?! Yushin Okami?… Yushin who??? That’s how I wanna begin this, because honestly, I know there are not a lot of fighters at middleweight who seem ready or deserving of fighting (or even looking to have a chance at beating) Anderson Silva, but again, let me begin with my philosophical query, W-T-F?!?! And its not What that I’m asking, it’s who.

Who is Yushin Okami? This mysterious and amazing middleweight that’s been hidden from the world. He’s only fought the best and is one of the greatest ever. Really? Because I don’t want to step on his accomplishments, I’m sure he’s great, but title shot great? I don’t know. Other than having a great story for the Rio PPV, is there any other reason he was chosen over let’s say… Chael Sonnen? Ohhh, he just finished serving his suspension, ok, who cares? I’d pay to see that fight, hell, I’d pay just to hear Chael start up again on what he’d do to Anderson if they met up again.

Truth is, I’d care about this fight more if it was someone the UFC had promoted a little more previous to this event in Rio. I mean, this whole “the last man to have defeated Anderson Silva” line is total B.S. Really, a DQ defeat in a fight that he was controlling up to that one mistake does not make this more interesting for me. I’m gonna watch because everyone can be beat and it can happen at any given time and come when you least expect it, specially in mma.

Now I’ve been looking on youtube and have seen videos of Yushin training with Chael Sonnen and that IS news to me and does catch my interest. Because if somehow Chael can get Yushin into the mindset he was in when he faced Anderson, then Yushin has a real shot. The mindset is simple, Anderson Silva is not an MMA God, he is an elite fighter, but a fighter nonetheless, and like all fighters he has flaws, he has areas to improve. Hell, after so many wins coming so easily, his flaws must be growing because nobody is really testing him or pushing him.  Besides Chael, I don’t remember who really tried taking Anderson to the ground, who wasn’t afraid to charge him, who acted like they had a chance to dominate him instead of looking dominated.

This fight interests me only because anything is possible in MMA, because after seeing how a guy named Chael Sonnen (who I’d never heard of before that fight) , a guy with a very big mouth, stepped into the octagon against the best pound for pound fighter in the world and manhandled him, backing up every single word that had come out of his very big mouth.

Anything is possible in MMA, even a guy named Yushin Okami defeating an mma legend named Anderson Silva.


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