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HESHER starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt Movie Review | The Guy Blog


Hesher! Just saw this movie and what can I say, wow, F’n awesome. It reminds me of when I saw “American History X” the first time without really knowing anything about it or “The Count of Monte Cristo” which is. Not in topic or style, but in the fact that it is a movie I automatically want to tell everyone to see and see NOW

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is unrecognizable and yet perfect for this role, his performance reminds me of Edward Norton in American History X and Al Pacino in Scarface, a performance where you forget about the actor completely and all thats left is this story about Derek Vinyard, Tony Montana and now Hesher. Also Devin Brochu, the kid who lost his mother in this movie is great and I expect to be seeing a lot more of him.

Hesher is an original, it is unique and the main character is awesome in how untraditional he is and yet fits into a traditional storyline, the movie is so believable and yet has moments of absolute crazyness, and they all belong to Hesher, a must see. Heck, I’d give it a Five Awesome Stars out of five.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the titular Hesher, a substance-abusing, tattooed waster who inadvertently befriends TJ (Devin Brochu), a young kid mourning the loss of his mother.

Simple, but watch it to enjoy it.


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