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Zingano out, Tate in, TUF 18 has drama from the first minute

That took long. Already news has come out from the beginning of filming for season 18 of The Ultimate FIghter. Cat Zingano hurt her knee during training before the start of the show. This left Dana White with a problem, who to put in to coach against Ronda Rousey. The choice seems clear, Miesha Tate is the perfect opponent. Good for ratings, good for drama and a good fight for Rousey once the season ends. 

Miesha Tate is the first name that came to my mind as a replacement for Zingano​ with her obvious dislike of Rousey being the main reason why. The fact that she lost her Strikeforce title to Rousey only adds to the tension. Her coaching opposite Rousey is not a problem for me, however the implications of her being chosen is.

With Miesha Tate getting that coveted TUF 18 coaching spot opposite Ronda Rousey she gets several prizes, the paychecks from doing the show, the increased exposure and best of all, a guaranteed title shot once the season ends. All of that for a fighter who lost her last fight.

This isn’t the first time a losing fighter gets a title shot. Chael Sonnen and Nick Diaz have gotten the same treatment. All those fights have been good ones, same as Tate vs. Rousey promises to be. My problem is that losing fighters are getting title shots while winning fighters are seemingly getting overlooked (Johnny Hendricks basically had to wait and beg for his shot). There’s already talks of Frankie Edgar getting a title shot if he goes down another weight class. I am all for the best fights getting put together and making the fights that fans want to see, but when it comes to championship bouts it should be winners only. If you didn’t win your last bout you shouldn’t deserve a title shot, plain and simple. Even in boxing they follow this simple rule.

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