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UFC Fight Night 81 – Dominick Cruz vs TJ Dillashaw – The Guy Blog

UFC Fight Night 81 The Guy Blog

UFC Fight Night 81 - Dominick Cruz vs TJ Dillashaw - The Guy Blog

UFC Fight Night 81 – Dominick Cruz vs TJ Dillashaw – The Guy Blog



Alright, we have Herb Dean in charge of this fight. Good choice.

Both fighters come out moving, a lot. Very funky movements by both fighters. Dominick gets Dillashaw to the ground, but he gets right back up.Wow, every single shot either one takes, the other evades, amazing. Dillashaw goes for a headkick, misses, Dominick gets him down, has his back for a minute. Dominick gets a good left in. He’s looking like his old self, moving in and out, side to side. Dominick is breathing a little hard, but doesn’t stop moving, or going for the occasional strike. Dillashaw keeps going for head and body kicks, Cruz keeps grabbing his leg. Round ends, I’d give it to Cruz, but it was close. What a round.



TJ comes out very aggressive. Trying to land the right jab, over and over. Dominick stays elusive. His reflexes look great. Dillashaw goes for the head kick again and trips. That kick might be dangerous for him. Dillashaw isn’t stopping. Cruz gets a takedown, Dillashaw gets up and Cruz gets him Down again. Dillashaw gets up, but that’s 2 takedowns in a row for Cruz. Round ends. Despite Dillashaw starting out very aggressive, the 2 takedowns towards the end should give the round to Cruz.



Dillashaw is looking a little slower, but still trying to be aggressive. Cruz is still just as elusive as the first round. TJ looks like his looking to get that 1 punch in to end it, but can’t quite get it. He managed to get a solid kick in and tried to get Dominick down, but Cruz doesn’t let that happen. TJ keeps winding up his kicks, telegraphing them like crazy. An elite fighter like Cruz sees that coming a mile away. Another take down! Scramble, scramble, scramble! Cruz got the head for a second, TJ got loose and they both got up clean. TJ keeps trying those loaded shots, wasting energy and missing, Cruz starts landing combos. Dillashaw tries to get Cruz down towards the end of the round., Gets a heavy punch to the head as the rounds end. I have it 3 -0 for Cruz, knowing the judges, it could be 2-1, still for Cruz though.



Championship rounds.

More of the same. Although Dillashaw looks like he’s being a little more patient to start the round. Dillashaw gets a hard kick in, that definitely affected Cruz. But Cruz went, and got, the takedown right away. The exchanges are getting a little more even, By even I mean Dillashaw is landing a couple of hits finally. TJ is going for the takedown, gets his back, goes for the choke, Cruz fights it, gets up. Dillashaw has him against the cage and is punishing his legs with knees to the leg. Cruz finally gets loose with 40 seconds to go in the round. Round ends. I have it 3-1 for Cruz. But I imagine judges have it 2-2 as the champion alway gets the benefit of the doubt in MMA.



Despite the shots to the legs, Cruz comes out moving like nothing is wrong. Kick to the body lands hard for Dillashaw. BOOM, kick lands right in the head of Cruz as he was moving in. But Cruz is still moving good. The strike count is practically even so far. It’s obvious his Cruz’s leg is hurt, but he keeps moving. Dillashaw is calm, almost stalking him, but not throwing many combos.Dominick has landed some combinations to the head. 30 seconds and they’re still going at it. No quit in either fighter. Clappers sound, both fighters close the round throwing combos.


I have it 3 rounds to 2 for Dominick Cruz, however it’s in the judges hands now, and we know what that means 90% of the time. Titles don’t change often when it’s in their hands.


Judges Decision: Winner by Split Decision DOMINICK CRUZ!!!!!


I honestly CANNOT BELIEVE IT. I mean it, because normally judges don’t call such a close fight for the challenger. Amazing night of fights.


As Always, let me know what you guys and gals thought of the fight on twitter @TheGuyBlog and

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