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Rumors Suggest Apple Watch is Set for a Significant Makeover in Time for Its 10th Anniversary

A potential significant revamp of the Apple Watch may be in the works for 2024.

 It appears that Apple is considering a major redesign of its Apple Watch.

Rumors are already floating around about Apple’s plans for its 10th anniversary edition watch, potentially dubbed the Apple Watch X, which is anticipated to be released in 2024 or 2025. The new device is expected to feature a brand new design and a range of enhancements, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Although the Apple Watch Series 9 has yet to be announced, speculations are already abuzz about the Apple Watch X.

The upcomingApple Watch X is expected to have a more luminous microLED display as well as a sensor to track blood pressure, a feature that has been in development for years. Apple is working to increase the health features available on the Apple Watch, such as ECG, notifications for high and low heart rate, fall detection, a blood oxygen monitor, and a temperature sensor. As of now, the Apple Watch is not capable of measuring blood pressure on its own but can be connected to other devices for monitoring.

Apple is reportedly designing a different method for attaching wristbands to the Watch X. As opposed to the existing design which slides into the side of the watch and clicks into place, the company is reportedly looking into magnetic attachments to secure the bands. This would permit extra space inside the watch’s body, providing more room for a bigger battery, as reported by Bloomberg.

The release of Apple’s newest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 9, is anticipated to be revealed alongside the iPhone 15 at an event in the coming month. Reports speculate that the event could potentially take place on the 12th of September.

TheApple Watch Series 9 is predicted to be a minor upgrade, and some features from the Apple Watch Ultra, such as its action button, are likely to be included in the regular version. Reports have circulated that the Series 9 may be equipped with a sensor to monitor glucose levels constantly, though some doubts have arisen regarding its launch this year.

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