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EA Starts Off Strong With Titanfall 2 Trailer, Mass Effect Andromeda and More

EA Titanfall 2 - The Guy Blog

Electronic Arts started E3 2016 with some great, and highly anticipated, announcements. Included were EA AAA franchises like Mass Effect, Battlefield, Titanfall and more. Also┬áincluded in their announcements was their new initiative, called “Originals”, aimed at helping indie as well as smaller developers┬áin terms of funding and marketing, while allowing these developers to keep the bulk of the profits for themselves. The plan being for EA to help teams with interesting game concepts to be able to see them through and get them out to the marketplace where they have a chance to shine. A great idea that hopefully will bring us some unexpected titles in the not so far future. In the meantime, enjoy the new Titanfall 2 Multiplayer trailer!

E3 is shaping up to be full of great announcements from all the major gaming companies. EA has set the tone and we’re hoping to get some big surprises (RDR 2 anyone?). What are you looking forward to the most from E3 2016?

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