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Ben Henderson should be called rubberman

Henderson The Guy Blog

Ben Henderson | The Guy Blog

How many times did it look like Ben Henderson should’ve tapped? How many times did it look like Miller was about to win? I mean, DAMN! Henderson is unbelievable in his submission defense. It’s not even defense, it just seems that no matter how tight or how hard a submission is locked in, it doesn’t ever seem enough to make him tap.

Ben Henderson | The Guy Blog

Now as far as a title shot, he is in line, but that line should go through Clay Guida. If not, then Guida should definitely be in line for a shot also. So if both guys are equally deserving, why not have them fight first? Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to see that fight, that would be crazy!!! The battle of the hair, the battle of endurance, the battle of the #1 contenders!!!


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