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BATMAN V SUPERMAN: REVIEW with some spoilers


I will start my review by saying that I am a fan of Zack Snyder’s films. I loved Watchmen, Man of Steel, Sucker Punch and one I’m sure you didn’t see called Legends of the Guardians. The guy knows how to create a visual spectacle in every movie he makes; he delivers movies in a darker, broodier tone that many people have come to enjoy. Me being one of them.

Batman v Superman gets the undeniable Snyder treatment by staying very faithful to the comic books and wows us by putting together, in a very entertaining way, two of the most iconic comic book heroes today.

As big of a fan as I am of Snyder and of the whole Batman mythology, there are some iffy things with this movie and lots of opportunities for improvement. I’ll make my point as you read on.




I think it’s important to talk a bit about the story in order to explain the things I did and did not enjoy.

The movie begins with the battle between General Zod and Superman in Metropolis but this time from Bruce Wayne’s point of view. Immediately you can see the braveness of Bruce as well as his interest in protecting the people he cares about.

18 months after these events and you see a Batman that spent the whole time plotting a way to take out the alien menace, as he sees that Superman is a threat that needs to be put in check. Lex Luthor is plotting the same.

Kryptonite is discovered by Lex in the Indian ocean. Thus he discovers that kryptonite hurts kryptonian bodies. With this information Lex Luthor plots a scheme where he gets Batman and Superman to fight to the death.

The end I will not reveal. But from the trailer you already know Doomsday is in the picture as well as Wonder Woman.




Batman. I am a huge fan on the Nolan trilogy as well as Christian Bales’ take on Batman. This Batman is on a whole different level. As Snyder said in previous interviews, Bales’ Batman doesn’t work for this movie, and you will find out early in the movie why. This is a more seasoned and more experienced Batman. Physically way more menacing than any other Batman adaptation. As Bruce you get to see the detective side of Batman, which is cool. Ben Affleck aced it in my opinion.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex is a different take on the character, I’m not quite convinced if it was necessary to make him look like a goofy tech nerdy Lex but Eisenberg is a master at his craft, he sells the part very well.

Even though we get to see little screen time of Wonder Woman, when she is there, its awesome. Gal Gadot delivers on the character and she is sooo sexy.

Superman is pretty much the same as Man of Steel, which works.

The music is off the charts. I mean I got out of the theater and wanted to buy the soundtrack immediately. It’s very very good. I am sure you will enjoy it.

The visuals were excellent. DC has its own take on comic book movies that is quite different than Marvels. I don’t understand the need for comparison, it is what it is. The darker tones work with these movies and I have to admit its also a fresh take from the cartoonish upbeat version that is Marvel films.

There are some scenes in this movie where the CGI is just off, it seemed as if they ran out of time in the edit room or something.

The ending could not have been better.



The pacing. They spent way too much time building up the Batman anger building up, as well as Lex’s scheme to get the world to hate Superman that when the action starts you’ve already been 1.5 hours in the movie theater and the fight just lasts too little. So it’s kind of disappointing. Also Batman and Superman make up way too easy. All this to lead you to the final battle, which in my opinion could have been better, and the CGI was horrible at times.


The trailers and clips. They are too revealing. The Doomsday character should have been left for the movie for example.



Batman v Superman is the dream of any comic book fan, any child born in the 80’s and any adult today. I mean it brings together the two most iconic and well-known superheroes ever. If you think about it, it’s a bigger event than putting The Avengers together based on the popularity of the characters. I think the build up that surrounded this movie had everybody so enthusiastic that it can fail to deliver. In my personal opinion I waited literally two years to watch this movie and left the theater with less enthusiasm than the one I came in. It is definitely worth to watch on the big screen, it is definitely entertaining and I will definitely watch again. But if you are a big fan like me can get disappointing at times.

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