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7 Tips To Get The Body Women Want, NOW!

Whether your main goal is to loose a few pounds, gain some muscle or getting absolutely ripped, every piece of information you look for should begin by telling you that it will require hard work, plenty of sacrifices and constant motivation. If I lost you after hard work, then this article is not for you, sorry.

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When I mention to you the idea of getting the body women want, you should know exactly what I mean. I’m talking about 10% or less body fat (which means you should have visible abs), not extremely muscular but proportional to your height, and a broad back and shoulders with little waist. Think Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity (or, well, any movie he’s ever been in), not Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson in… well, anything he’s ever been in.

In my experience as a personal trainer, there are certain things you can do in order to obtain this type of physique. Today, I will share my top 7 tips to achieve your goal.



It might seem kind of silly to have this as tip, but I have to be completely honest. You will not get the physique I am talking about by you walking from your couch to the kitchen and back. YOU HAVE TO JOIN A GYM, you have to do resistance exercises. This is basic.

Your body composition will begin to drastically change when you start hitting the weights at your local gym.

Put the weights machines to the side when you are starting out and focus on using free weights and doing compound exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, presses, dead lifts and squats. Your first goal should be reaching the point in which you can do full sets of these exercises without having to take a mid-set break.



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Notice how I said control, not eliminate. I am pro having a low carbs diet depending on your goals and body fat, but for the purpose of obtaining the body women want, lets stay on the carb cycling diet. This is where you have days with lower carbs, days with no carbs and days with high carbs.  Mini tip: always eat carbohydrates after lifting weights.



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It’s not just the fat that makes you overweight, it’s the excess of food and calories. Increase your fatty meats, fish oils and nuts intake. Fats are needed to create and maintain a hormonal balance.



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It’s not that fruits are bad, they do have antioxidants and vitamins, but they also have lots of sugar. This sugar will not aid in your daily caloric intake. I would recommend eating more cruciferous veggies such as broccoli.



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Hey that’s just my opinion and experience. Yes it can aid in the fat loss process and yes it can help you achieve your goals faster. But it’s so boring. I would recommend hitting the weights harder and staying on track with your diet. If you like cardio, then go for it, but in my opinion it is kind of overrated.



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I’ve seen lots of people buy everything they can afford ,and even some things they can’t, to try to achieve a certain body type goal. To be honest, there’s not that much that you’ll really need.  I would recommend getting a multivitamin for overall health, a good quality fish oil supplement (it aids with inflammation and body composition) and a whey protein for snacks and daily protein intake.



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Well, this is a guy blog and I’m not going to be the one to tel you to lay off the beers. What I do recommend is knowing when to drink. For example, if you know you’re going out drinking on a Friday night, focus on a big muscle group like legs when you go to the gym that day. Also, if possible try drinking wine and avoiding mixers as they tend to contain a lot of sugar.


There you have it guys. These are some recommendations that would definitely have you rocking that Ryan Reynolds beach body type women seem to go crazy about. For more tips and advice, check back right here at The Guy Blog


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