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7 Biggest Turnoffs for Women

Biggest Turn Offs for Women | The Guy Blog

After digging in the brains of many female friends, we have compiled a list of the biggest turnoffs for women. There are millions of things that women say guys do wrong. From forgetting a date to not dressing for the occasion to being just plain immature. Truth is that while all those things can be annoying at times, they do not become turnoffs unless they are added to some more basic habits (or lack-there-of) that you might have. Hope this list helps you avoid these potholes in the road to dating bliss.

Biggest Turnoffs for Women | The Guy Blog


Come on dude, talk about turnoffs for women. This may sound like a given but you’d be surprised how many men don’t have a daily hygiene practice. Bad hygiene compiles several things, bad breath, weird body odors, strange smells coming from your head, dirty nails, excess sweat; you catch my drift.  I would recommend incorporating a daily grooming and cleaning habit.

  • Brush your teeth multiples times a day, use floss and mouthwash daily.
  • Clean your face with face products; soap is for armpits and body.
  • Wear deodorants, and if you sweat a lot, carry one with you.
  • Use foot powder; don’t need to elaborate
  • Clip your nails, brush your hair and shave certain areas.

You might want to keep your apartment or house in check; it’s not just your car you need to take care of. It’s can be very disappointing for a girl if she goes to your place and is filled with filth.


I tried summing it up with just one word, but in reality this has a broader meaning. Women like a man that knows where he is going and that is willing to work for it. So as you might have figured, the opposite is a turnoff. I am not saying that you need to start working now… well, actually that’s exactly what I’m saying, get off the couch and start being productive.



This is a very broad subject because it compiles many things and can also affect several areas of your life that in result will come out as a turnoff.

Constant need of reassurance is an example of one. Being too clingy is another.

I would recommend masking those bad habits at first, then start working little by little on your self-esteem, try reading books on the subject.



You might be surprised by how many women find this as a turnoff. If you feel a woman is interested in you, take action right away. Sometimes fear gets in our way and we tend not to act. The same thing happens if you are already dating and you don’t know when to give her the first kiss or if you can hold her hand or maybe a little more. The fear of what could go wrong can slow you down and women hate this. Sometimes we even last a long time to ask her to marry us. Why? We tend to not have a good answer to this question. So take action now!



Listen, I know that some women are into the whole careless, dirty, tough and rugged look. But in most cases a man with ugly shoes or without any sense of style is a turnoff. You need to project the best version of yourself.

  • Shoes: Try to keep your shoes in check; everybody notices your shoes (statistics back this up). Make sure they are clean and that they match your whole outfit
  • Outfit: I would recommend keeping it dated, that’s about it.
  • Styling: Try not to look like you just woke up, unless you are a rockstar.



I laughed so hard when I heard this, but apparently there are some of us who don’t pronounce words correctly or that have many grammar and spelling errors when writing. This can definitely be a turnoff for women. I would recommend paying attention when you speak and write, and if you need take some grammar classes, I don’t know what else to say. Also, auto-correct can be your best friend on your path to self improvement.



Yup, start reading more, start practicing more, start listening more. Seriously. You’ve heard the saying happy wife, happy life. Well, that applies to girlfriends and even friends with benefits. 

There you have it guys, now you the 7 biggest turnoffs for women. So if you don’t get the call the next morning after a date or you don’t get an answer to your phone calls, or she simply says “we need to talk”; at least now you have an idea of what could have gone wrong.


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