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WWE Wrestlemania 32 | The Guy Blog

Wrestlemania 32 is here and it has had the worst buildup we’ve ever seen. Storylines have barely been developed over the past few weeks… yes, weeks not months. It’s incredible how badly everyone on this card has been booked. From top to bottom this might be the worst planned PPV, let alone WrestleMania, in a long long time. Now, does that mean WrestleMania 32 is going to be the worst of all time?

WWE Wrestlemania 32 | The Guy Blog

No. WrestleMania 32 is actually looking pretty good as far as WrestleManias go. How can that be? How can it be built up so bad and yet not be one of the worst WrestleManias ever? That’s because over time WrestleMania has become more of a standalone event. While¬†the storylines definitely matter and it does act as the end of the wrestling year for WWE and many of its storylines, it tends to act as its own show. The reality is that WrestleMania draws in so many casual fans and celebrities that don’t follow WWE week to week that for it to be a success it really needs great matches more than it needs great storylines. I know, blasphemy, stating that is blasphemous to lifelong fans like me and possibly you too, truth is the WWE and Vince McMahon don’t care. WrestleMania is about a great matches and that’s what we’ll get. The wrestlers on the card are great workers and they know that they have a chance to steal the show on the biggest night possible.

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