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TGBP 028 Jon Bones Jones Urkel’ed It Again

I am as tired as the next guy with the things Jon Jones has done to derail his career. Every time he seems to be getting back on track, he does something new to mess up. As innovative as he has been inside the octagon it’s his creativity in finding new ways to mess up outside of it that really has kept him in the headlines.

As always, let me know what you think. I want your opinion, so you can shoot me an e-mail at or reach me @TheGuyBlog on Instagram and @TheGuyBlog on Twitter. As always it’s been a pleasure to share and talk with you guys. Also, check out the official TGB site *I had to record this from my cell and there might be some background noises, like my dog JayJay walking around, during small segments of this episode.

It’s that time again… Get your podcast on!

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