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PS4 for $399, Thank you Sony


Sony announced a while back that the PS4 will only cost $399.  While this isn’t exactly cheap, it’s still less expensive than the Xbox One and given the prices at which the previous generation of gaming consoles came out at (way back when), $399 is perfectly attainable and even reasonable.

While Microsoft seems to be challenging gamers to leave the Xbox One on the shelves in the way they are approaching it’s debut, by coming out with limiting feature after limiting feature, Sony seems to be embracing the foundation of gaming, by building on key features that every and any gaming console should have (and has always had) and allowing us to choose what exactly we want to do with our new device. Want to play online? Go ahead Sony says. Don’t want to? Then dont. Want to share your games? Buy used games? “Why not?” is Sony’s answer.

I am a Playstation gamer. I do prefer a PS3 over an Xbox 360. I am looking forward to the PS4 way more than the Xbox One. That’s just me, but I don’t deny that Microsoft makes good games and has made a very good device, no doubt to be followed by a great one in the form of the Xbox One. However the Xbox is a Microsoft console and it’s starting to show. Microsoft made it’s money with the Windows OS and the Office line of products. These 2 lines of software have allowed Microsoft to practically dictate to businesses how they are going to work, what their limits are going to be, what they can and can’t do with it.

The Xbox One is a gaming device and Microsoft should treat it like one. Instead they have been trying to dictate to gamers how they are going to use this device. They’ve crossed not just the line, but various lines. So far so that they had to backtrack from their previous assertion that the Xbox One was an online device, no internet connection, no gaming. Sony has had no need to do such backtracking. They have offered the PS4 with a lot of new features that are awesome, a lot of them can only be enjoyed online, however it is my choice whether I use them or not, as it is yours.

I can’t wait for the release date to arrive and to see what other surprises Sony has in store for us all.

What do you guys think, is the PS4 the way to go? Does the Xbox One stand a chance? What are you going to get? COMMENT BELOW!

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