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Paquiao VS Mayweather: Will or Wont They?

It’s about time… that’s what everybody will think when this fight gets OFFICIALLY announced. I say officially because this isn’t our first merry go round with this fight. Everytime it looks more and more like Floyd Mayweather is avoiding this fight. Sometimes perception can become reality and no matter whether its true or not, it dos not bode well for his legacy.


In boxing, being undefeated doesn’t hold the same weight as being willing to take on all comers no matter what. When a fighter is willing to face a challenge to his throne head on, win, lose or draw the perception is that he is a warrior. Win or lose, a warrior always is to be respected. A fighter that only fights when he knows he will win (by handpicking his opponents) is viewed as being only one step above a cheater. That is because everyone can understand if there isn’t a challenger that really represents a true “challenge”. But when a credible challenger exists, a fighter should be willing to face him. 


Floyd Mayweather seems to be avoiding the only true challenger that has existed during his lifetime. We don’t expect him to fight Muhammad Ali, no one thinks he could’ve fought Sugar Ray Leonard but PacMan Manny Pacquiao… Pacquiao is the warrior that Floyd is avoiding.

This fight needs to happen for Mayweather’s legacy, it needs to happen for the fans that have been patiently waiting, most importantly it needs to happen for a sport that has lost it’s way. A sport that needs to remind everyone that the best still fight the best and that it can still create legacies. That superfights can still be made and that superstars will fight all comers despite their superstar status.

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