What just happened? This is absolutely crazy. Silva played with fire and got burned.  This was bound to happen, but not like this. I can’t even write his name and the word lose in the same sentence, it just doesn’t feel right. This is more like a gift Weidman has received. It just doesn’t feel […]

3 reasons why the term UNDEFEATED is overrated

3 reasons the term undefeated is overrated: 1. Anderson Silva 2. Georges St. Pierre   3. Jon Jones Boom. Follow me on twitter  @TheGuyBlog  and add  www.TheGuyBlog.com to your favorites!  

PS4 for $399, Thank you Sony

Sony announced a while back that the PS4 will only cost $399.  While this isn’t exactly cheap, it’s still less expensive than the Xbox One and given the prices at which the previous generation of gaming consoles came out at (way back when), $399 is perfectly attainable and even reasonable. While Microsoft seems to be […]

Top 5 MMA fighters knocking on the door to a championship

5. Josh Thomson You Just came back to the UFC from Strikeforce, became the first man to knockout Nate Diaz in impressive fashion and are wondering what’s your next step in your new company… How about start mentioning your name alongside current UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson and seeing if it sticks? You are now […]

UFC Vid: Undisputed Vs. Undefeated

Awesome video by the guys over at the UFC.  Also follow me on twitter @TheGuyBlog and add www.TheGuyBlog.com to your favorites!  

Is Lyoto Machida’s time as a believable contender done?

Lyoto Machida has gone from one of the most exciting fighters to watch to one of the most boring. Once a fighter with an undefeated streak loses, that’s wen you have to start paying attention, because that is when you will see what that fighter is really made of. Lyoto looked like an MMA puzzle […]

Microsoft tells gamers about Xbox One, no internet? Get an Xbox 360

Wow. Let’s give a hand to the Microsoft PR machine. Because they sure seem to be on the cutting edge of the PR game. You think I’m kidding? How else do you explain them coming out and announcing that the Xbox One is going to cost only  $499. ONLY $499.  Like $499 is not a lot of […]

Where has the real Pat Barry gone?

Pat Barry. One of the most feared and versatile heavyweight fighters in the world. Anybody seen him lately? Really, anybody know where he is? And please, don’t tell me that guy at UFC 161 was Pat Barry, because it wasn’t. One of the best kickboxers around seems to have lost his shine. A man that […]

Bellator MMA is growing, is it signing the right talent?

Bellator is now the second largest MMA organization in the country. It had a nice TV deal with MTV and took another step towards mainstream relevance with its Spike TV deal. Now Bellator should be taking note of what Strikeforce did right by wanting to create its own homegrown superstars.  This is what their CEO says is their plan. What […]

Baked Chicken Spring Rolls by FitMen Cook

Food for Guys – Baked Chicken Spring Rolls by FitMenCook

Guys, it’s not easy to eat healthy, at least not without some help, you know, some recipes and easy step by step guidance. Here is another entry from FitMenCook to help you out. Enjoy.     What are your thoughts on this this recipe?  Leave your comments below, or write to us on twitter @TheGuyBlog

Velasquez Vs. Dos Santos III

Another UFC trilogy is coming up and everyone’s excited as can be. The most exciting part? This trilogy might actually get extended faster than Bruce Willis can make Die Hard sequel. Yes, Cain Velazquez Vs. Junior Dos Santos has everything needed to be a classic trilogy in UFC history, but the truth is that if […]