Top 8 Chick Flicks that Guys might actually like

It’s date night, and you and your girl decide to check out a movie. Maybe she’s into the romantic genre (you might know them as chick flicks)… and maybe you’re not. So we made a list of the top 8 chick flicks that we are sure you will both enjoy.   BRIDESMAIDS This is definitely […]

DEADPOOL THE MERC WITH A MOUTH | Film Review – Spoiler Free

Let me start of by saying the obvious… Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool! From time to time you see film actors that make a part their own, like Hugh Jackman with Wolverine. Well in my opinion that is the case with Ryan Reynolds. This guy totally nailed it! This movie has an unconventional comedic tone, right […]


1.  TAKING ADVICE FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES This usually happens when you are starting out. In looking for the most efficient way to achieve our fitness goals and get results we start asking as many people as we can for advice. If not that, then you start reading different sources and trying different diets or trying suggested supplements. In my […]

Sexy Car | The Guy Blog


Men love cars. It is encrypted in our genetic code. Besides women, it’s one of the most talked about subjects between guys. To us cars can be an extension of us and what we want around us. There are cool cars, tough cars, cute cars, sports cars and then there are headturning sexy cars. Cars […]

MMA CM Punk vs Gall | The Guy Blog

Phil “CM Punk” Brooks Now Has An Opponent

Phil Brooks aka CM Punk now has his first UFC opponent lined up after Fight Night 86. That opponent’s name is Micky Gall. “I want to be fed – feed me CM Punk, please!” Gall shouted after his victory, which marked his first in the octagon. Punk walked into the cage and loomed in the […]

The Guy Blog FitGirl Alessandra Sironi | The Guy Blog

Alessandra Sironi: Model, Dancer, Filmaker… TGB FitGirl of the Week

While going through Instagram and looking for people to collaborate with on articles and ideas for The Guy Blog we stumbled unto the account of the stunning model Alessandra Sironi. With 5 years of  experience in print, editorial, catalog, commercial, fashion, swimwear, underwear and lingerie. She’s done it all, event producer, radio host, brand ambassador, marketing creative to […]

ON Gold Standard Whey Protein | The Guy Blog

Product Review: ON 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard

OPTIMUM NUTRITION 100% WHEY PROTEIN GOLD STANDARD REVIEW Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I have to admit that I’m an avid user of protein powder products. Since I am always on the run or stuck in the office I find them extremely helpful. I have to say I’ve tried many brands of proteins […]

Valentines Day Roses | The Guy Blog

9 Ways To Impress Your Better Half On Valentines Day

The date is approaching. That day many declare as a business created holiday. But the truth is that business creation or not, we will do whatever we can to impress our girlfriend, wife or lover. I’d like to pause right here. If you do not have a girlfriend or partner, then this article might get you down… […]

Pandemic Movie | The Guy Blog

Pandemic movie has a new Poster and Trailer

The movie Pandemic is coming soon. There’s a new poster and trailer for the upcoming zombie apocalypse horror. It’ll be interesting to see how moviegoers react to a film which is shot from a first person perspective. Starring Rachel Nichols (Chicago Fire, Continuum) and Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones). Check out the trailer below.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 | The Guy Blog

Movie Update: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is filming

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is filming and I cannot wait to see what they do with it. The follow up to one of the most original movies to come out of Marvel Studios MCU has started shooting and Chris Pratt is on set being awesome as always. He’s shared a first look at a key […]

7 Tips To Get The Body Women Want, NOW!

Whether your main goal is to loose a few pounds, gain some muscle or getting absolutely ripped, every piece of information you look for should begin by telling you that it will require hard work, plenty of sacrifices and constant motivation. If I lost you after hard work, then this article is not for you, sorry. […]