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Guy Profile: Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock

Here at The Guy Blog we want to give you guys fun articles to read. Besides that we also want to give you tips and advice to improve the quality of your life. In that sense we’ve decided to profile some of the most successful guys around and focus on the hard work it took […]

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The Guy Blog Podcast 009 UFC 196: The McGregor or The Diaz Show?

This episode is a little longer but a whole lot better than most. With our TheGuyBlog.com counterpart, Miguel or Mike if you prefer, and the help of a couple of drinks we go in deep like only 2 MMA fanboys can go.   Today we talk about UFC 196, the main fights, what we think, […]

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TGB FitGirl: From Playboy to Entrepreneur… Viviana Castrillon

  Viviana Castrillon is a beautiful Colombian woman  and is a testament of hard work and dedication. From donning a Playboy magazine cover to working as a professional model, publicist, entrepreneur, fashion designer, actress and conferencist, there really isn’t much that Viviana Castrillon can’t do. How many times a week do you train? I usually train […]

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UFC 196 McGregor vs Diaz Preview

UFC 196 is upon us and despite the loss of Rafael Dos Anjos, the main event seems to be just (if not more) interesting today than it was a couple of weeks ago. With the introduction of Nate Diaz AKA The American Ninja, we have a must see pay per view on our hands. Yes, […]

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7 Biggest Turnoffs for Women

After digging in the brains of many female friends, we have compiled a list of the biggest turnoffs for women. There are millions of things that women say guys do wrong. From forgetting a date to not dressing for the occasion to being just plain immature. Truth is that while all those things can be annoying […]

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Comic Books: TPBs vs Single Issues – My Journey

Comic Books. Whether you are already into them or are considering if it’s a good idea to start reading them or not, this article should help you out. Now, in case you are new to the comic book game, let’s go over some terms and their definition so we are all on the same page. Comic Book: A […]

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008 State of the WWE on the Road to WrestleMania – The Guy Blog Podcast

On this episode I’ll be talking with Lando about new superstars coming in, SHANE-O-MAC and the state of the WWE post FastLane. As mentioned, movie critic and wrestling fan Lando Reyes is on The Guy Blog podcast today. That means one thin, we’re talking wrestling, of course, and more to the point, we’re talking WWE […]

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Have you ever started a diet on Monday and dropped it by Friday? I hear you my friend, I’ve been there. We are bombarded with all sorts of delicious food. Everywhere we go everything is tempting. One of the most difficult things of dieting is finding ways to not quit your diet.   In order to make […]



MEET THE BEAUTIFUL STACY WINTERS! Stacy Winters is a New Jersey girl born and raised. She started modeling when she was an early teen, participating in local fashion shows. Falling out of it for a while, she didn’t get back in to the modeling world until a few years ago, in which she started competing […]


Technology is always changing and is constantly bringing us new cool tech gadgets to add to our lives. Many interesting gadgets were unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, here are 11 of the cool tech gadgets that we thought are just awesome enough to be on this list.   SONY 4K ULTRA SHORT THROW PROJECTOR – […]

UFC 196 Plan F | The Guy Blog

UFC 196 is CURSED! RDA OUT! Soooo, who’s in?

Rafael Dos Anjos has been injured (broken foot) and is out of his UFC 196 Super Fight versus the human headline generator Mr. Connor McGregor. That leaves this God forsaken PPV and it’s headliner in need of an opponent and right away 3 names have come up repeatedly: Donald Cerrone Nate Diaz Tony Ferguson

New Acquisitions by WWE – The Guy Blog Podcast

WWE is finally injecting some fresh top level talent into their system. I’ll be talking about that and more on this episode! I’m talking about the new superstars coming to the WWE Universe, a little bit about going to a popular and instrumental meetup, who I met and why you should subscribe to their podcast.