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Mafia 3 Gameplay Demo

Mafia 3 is out on October 7 You’ll be driving, shooting, racketeering and stabbing your way across New Bordeaux, a 1960s-infused spin on New Orleans. Mafia 3 follows the story of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War vet who returns home and becomes embroiled in New Bordeaux’s criminal underworld. The great thing about Mafia III is that it’s […]

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Gears of War 4 – Official Prologue Playthrough (First 20 Min)

Gears of War 4 is almost here, but if you need your fix now and don’t mind spoilers, the first 20 minutes are now available for your viewing pleasure. Gears of War 4 takes place 25 years after the Imulsion Countermeasure weapon destroyed all Imulsion on the planet Sera, taking the Locust and the Lambent […]

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Time For Healthy Hummus Quesadillas by Fit Men Cook

Healthy Hummus Quesadillas are a perfect snack for any time. Filling, delicious and healthy. This recipe by Fit Men Cook is another great example that you can still get delicious meals in without having to pump yourself full of sodium, sugar or calories. Combining different styles and cultures in meals is a great way to bring creativity […]

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Lethal Weapon is Now an Awesome TV Show

Lethal Weapon is one of the best movie series ever made. Full of fight scenes, explosions and touches of humor in between all the action. Basically, it’s a guy classic. After 4 movies, with the last one coming out in 1998, the series seemed to reach its conclusion. But can a good thing really die? […]

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Bellator 163 – McGeary vs Davis The Guy Blog

Bellator 163 takes place at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. Liam McGeary will defend his light heavyweight crown against Phil Davis in the Bellator 163 main event on Nov. 4, promotion officials announced Friday. It will also feature a welterweight clash between Saad Awad and Brennan Ward and on top of that we’ll get […]

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Men’s Style – Best Instagram Accounts To Follow Today

Men’s style and fashion is not something that everybody pays attention to. But you do, at least now you want to. To improve your game you need some daily inspiration, not that difficult to do today in age. Thanks to Instagram, you can get daily inspiration. All you need to do is follow some of the most fashionable people […]


Doctor Strange: Marvel’s Biggest Game-changer Yet

November 2016 will be the month that magic will finally debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Doctor Strange. Teasers were released and pictures have been leaked. But yet, nothing has shown just what type of superhero the Sorcerer Supreme will be. In the latest trailer, we’re reminded of how Stephen Strange’s surgical career came […]

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The Magnificent Seven Official Trailer

The Magnificent Seven Will this be the western that finally reaches Tombstone levels of awesomeness? Yes, that Tombstone. You can argue with me all you want, but Tombstone will still be my favorite western of all time. Why? Because it IS the best western of all time. Period. Argument over. Let’s move on and talk […]

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Kong: Skull Island Movie Trailer

Kong: Skull Island is Coming Soon… Here’s Your Fix The premise is simple… even a little Jurassic Park’ish. The premise? A team of explorers is brought together in the 1970s to venture deep into an uncharted island in the Pacific. A beautiful yet treacherous island. They are unaware that they are crossing into the domain of […]

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Hollywood Doesn’t Have An Inclusion Problem, It Has A Bias Problem

  Hollywood movies come in all shape and sizes. From historically inspired pieces to worldly action adventures to intergalactic epics. When it comes to big budget projects specifically, casting can make or break a movie. In an effort to safe-proof a $100M plus dollar movie, studios tend to cast proven box office names. That’s where studios tend […]

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How to get up after you fall, Anderson Silva style.

When it comes to being successful there is no doubt that it is a road of trial and error. You learn and grow and hopefully become a better version of yourself every day. You sacrifice for your company, for your goals, for your dreams and after some weeks, months or even years, that sacrifice starts […]

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Bethesda’s pre E3 2016 News, Sequels and Reboots Anyone?

Bethesda was expected to have some big news prior to E3 2016 and they did not disappoint. With rumored titles like Dishonored 2, Skyrim Remastered and Prey 2, our hands were already twitching in anticipation of these amazing games. When they came out with a surprise Quake reveal, it was a welcome and completely unexpected […]