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Doctor Strange: Marvel’s Biggest Game-changer Yet


November 2016 will be the month that magic will finally debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Doctor Strange. Teasers were released and pictures have been leaked. But yet, nothing has shown just what type of superhero the Sorcerer Supreme will be. In the latest trailer, we’re reminded of how Stephen Strange’s surgical career came to an end after a car crash. Afterward, he meets Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One who talks to him about magic and other realities. Doctor Strange is baffled (as most of us would be) by people being able to teleport, concur energy, make layers of buildings fold on themselves and other kinds of insanity.

Doctor Strange | The Guy Blog

When it comes to learning how to wield magic, Strange learns that it is not so different than how he became a doctor: with a lot of studying and practice. As he trains with Mordo and Wong, he’s cautioned about the challenges he will face on his path. To see the full trailer, click below:


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