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Wrestlemania 32 is here and it has had the worst buildup we’ve ever seen. Storylines have barely been developed over the past few weeks… yes, weeks not months. It’s incredible how badly everyone on this card has been booked. From top to bottom this might be the worst planned PPV, let alone WrestleMania, in a […]

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WWE Roadblock Not Even A Speed Bump… But It Entertained

WWE Roablock was nothing  more than a speedbump or yield sign on the road to WrestleMania 2016. With several matches that only made sense for a house show (Sami Zayn vs. Stardust anyone?), this WWE special did not disappoint as far as entertainment value goes. While several matches had absolutely nothing to do with current […]

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Guy Profile: Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock

Here at The Guy Blog we want to give you guys fun articles to read. Besides that we also want to give you tips and advice to improve the quality of your life. In that sense we’ve decided to profile some of the most successful guys around and focus on the hard work it took […]

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008 State of the WWE on the Road to WrestleMania – The Guy Blog Podcast

On this episode I’ll be talking with Lando about new superstars coming in, SHANE-O-MAC and the state of the WWE post FastLane. As mentioned, movie critic and wrestling fan Lando Reyes is on The Guy Blog podcast today. That means one thin, we’re talking wrestling, of course, and more to the point, we’re talking WWE […]

New Acquisitions by WWE – The Guy Blog Podcast

WWE is finally injecting some fresh top level talent into their system. I’ll be talking about that and more on this episode! I’m talking about the new superstars coming to the WWE Universe, a little bit about going to a popular and instrumental meetup, who I met and why you should subscribe to their podcast.

3 Reasons Injuries hurt the UFC while helping the WWE

Injuries happen, especially in contact sports. Well, to be honest, they happen in all sports, contact or not. The grind of training and performing at an exceptionally high level year round is something that the human body isn’t made to handle. Athletes have a higher tolerance for injuries due to being at peak physical condition […]

Seth Rollins Injured, Tournament To Determine New Champion At Survivor Series

BREAKING NEWS!!! Rollins injured, out 6-9 months!!! .@WWE to hold tournament at #SurvivorSeries to crown a new #WWE World Heavyweight Champion. — Jonathan Coachman (@TheCoachESPN) November 5, 2015 A look at how @WWERollins tore ACL/MCL/medial meniscus Our 6-9 months, @WWE holding tournament at #SurvivorSeries pic.twitter.com/U2JEKOd46m — Jonathan Coachman (@TheCoachESPN) November 5, 2015

Stone Cold Steve Austin Has His Own Beer

After years of drinking other peoples’ beers, Stone Cold Steve Austin has finally gotten himself into the brewing side of things. Below is his tweet letting the world know the good news! Proud to announce my new beer w @ESBCBrews. Broken Skull IPA. One bad ass beer. #cheers — Steve Austin (@steveaustinBSR) Officially named the […]

The Break Up of Team B.A.D.

After the recent happenings of Monday Night Raw, it seems the arena crowds and Team Bella have began to start the demise of the stable consisting of Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina. The recognition for the achievements of former NXT Women’s champion, Sasha Banks, are transcending to the main roster through “We Want Sasha” chants. These chants are […]

5 Wrestlers in Need of a Push in the WWE

Wrestlers in the WWE fall into 2 categories at all times and no, it’s not babyfaces and heels. In the WWE you’re either in one of the top 2 storylines in the company or you’re just another filler in the show.  This means that for the most part, a lot of good talent is being misused and getting lost […]

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Is Daniel Bryan bringing hardcore fans back to the WWE?

Daniel Bryan, perhaps the best technical wrestler in the WWE right now, can also lay claim to being one of the most exciting and popular superstars on the WWE roster. He’s athletic, he’s experienced and he knows how to get a reaction from fans on the mic (positive or negative). After defeating John Cena cleanly at Summerslam […]