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Best Camera For YouTube Vlogging | YouTube Camera Kit

Best Camera For YouTube Vlogging | YouTube Camera Kit | The Guy Blog 

When it comes to becoming a Youtuber, an amateur filmmaker or just getting into filmmaking as a hobby, you want to have the right gear to start out. Now, I suggest that you start with what you can afford before investing a lot of money into expensive cameras, only to find out that you would rather do a podcast or start a blog than have to work with video consistently. You can start with your filmmaking career with your cellphone…

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Best Movies on Netflix 2019

Netflix has had a remarkable turnaround in the past decade from a rickety streaming service of a handful of movies to a full-blown original programming platform. Here are ten films…

10 Forgotten Comic Book Movies

Here are ten comic book films you may have missed before the massive tsunami of the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominated the theater.…

Best Movies on Netflix Into The Spiderverse Fan Film

Into The Spiderverse Inspired Fan Film

Inspired by Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, "Miles Morales: Spiderman" is a great short film with Lexter Santana in the title role. It's short and sweet and an excellent example of…