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AEW’s Golden Opportunity: Outshining WWE and Becoming the Pro Wrestling Leader

With Triple H losing creative control and Vince McMahon back at the helm of WWE, the wrestling giant is now under new ownership by Endeavor, potentially leading to an all-time low in morale. This situation presents a unique opportunity for Tony Khan and AEW to showcase their superior wrestling product, drawing in fans with more consistent long-term storylines, better character building, and unique collaborations with rival promotions worldwide.

1. The Power Shift in Pro Wrestling Landscape

The wrestling industry is no stranger to power shifts, but the recent changes in WWE’s creative control and ownership have created a potential weak spot for the company. As morale within WWE may plummet, there’s no better time for AEW to step up and prove they’re a worthy alternative to WWE. Tony Khan, AEW’s president, should focus on solidifying AEW’s position as the premier wrestling product for both casual and die-hard fans.

2. Consistent Long-Term Storylines

One major advantage AEW has over WWE is its commitment to consistent and engaging long-term storylines. Fans are more likely to invest their time and emotions in a product that respects their intelligence and delivers satisfying payoffs. AEW should continue to build on this strength by creating compelling narratives that keep viewers hooked and wanting more.

3. Superior Character Building

A wrestling promotion is only as strong as its roster, and AEW has proven that they know how to build and develop unique, engaging characters. By continuing to invest in talent development and allowing wrestlers to explore their creative potential, AEW can establish itself as the go-to place for both up-and-coming and established wrestling stars. Focusing on character-driven stories will help create emotional connections with the audience, ensuring that AEW remains a fan favorite.

4. Collaborations with Rival Promotions

AEW has already demonstrated its willingness to work with rival promotions, setting it apart from WWE. By continuing to cultivate these relationships and bringing the biggest names in wrestling from around the world to AEW TV, the promotion can solidify its position as a global wrestling powerhouse. These collaborations not only make for exciting, unpredictable television but also help AEW build goodwill within the wrestling community.

5. Building Momentum Through High-Quality Programming

AEW’s consistent weekly shows, such as Dynamite and Rampage, offer a perfect platform for the promotion to showcase its superior product. By continuing to produce high-quality programming that emphasizes athleticism, storytelling, and character development, AEW can attract new viewers and convince them to make the switch from WWE.

6. Utilizing Social Media and Online Presence

A strong online presence is essential for any modern wrestling promotion. AEW should leverage social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to engage with fans, promote upcoming events, and showcase their unique brand of wrestling. By interacting with fans and creating shareable content, AEW can drive engagement and build a loyal online following.

7. Targeting Lapsed Wrestling Fans

With WWE’s creative struggles, many long-time wrestling fans have become disillusioned with the product. AEW has a golden opportunity to win over these lapsed fans by offering a fresh alternative that harkens back to the days of exciting, character-driven wrestling. By targeting this demographic and presenting a product that appeals to their nostalgia, AEW can further grow its audience and solidify its position as a leader in the wrestling world.

8. Capitalizing on WWE’s Missteps

As WWE navigates the challenges of new ownership and the return of Vince McMahon to creative control, the company may make mistakes or take missteps that AEW can capitalize on. By keeping a close eye on WWE’s actions and responding with agility and creativity

, AEW can make the most of any opportunities that arise to showcase their strengths and further establish themselves as the superior wrestling product.

9. Investing in Talent and Future Stars

AEW should continue to scout and sign top wrestling talent from around the world. By providing a supportive and creative environment for these wrestlers, AEW can build a diverse and talented roster that will be the backbone of the promotion for years to come. Focusing on developing future stars will ensure that AEW remains at the forefront of the wrestling industry.

10. Promoting AEW’s Unique Identity

To set themselves apart from WWE, AEW should continue to promote its unique identity as a wrestling promotion that values in-ring action, storytelling, and character development above all else. By staying true to their core values and avoiding the pitfalls that have plagued WWE, AEW can offer fans a distinct and satisfying alternative to WWE’s product.

11. Engaging with the Wrestling Community

A strong connection to the wrestling community can help AEW maintain a dedicated fan base and attract new viewers. By attending conventions, hosting fan events, and engaging with wrestling podcasts and websites, AEW can foster a sense of loyalty and enthusiasm among wrestling fans. This grassroots approach will help AEW grow organically and maintain a strong relationship with its audience.

12. Emphasizing Diversity and Inclusivity

AEW has the opportunity to set itself apart by embracing diversity and inclusivity in its roster and storylines. By promoting wrestlers from different backgrounds and giving them opportunities to shine, AEW can send a powerful message about its commitment to equality and representation. This progressive stance can help AEW attract a wider audience and position itself as a forward-thinking wrestling promotion.


As WWE faces potential turmoil under new ownership and the return of Vince McMahon to creative control, AEW has a golden opportunity to stake its claim as the superior wrestling product. By focusing on consistent long-term storylines, character building, collaborations with rival promotions, and a commitment to quality programming, AEW can take advantage of WWE’s vulnerabilities and solidify its position as a leader in the pro wrestling industry. By staying true to its core values and engaging with fans and the wrestling community, AEW can continue to grow and thrive in the competitive world of professional wrestling.

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