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9 Ways To Impress Your Better Half On Valentines Day

Valentines Day Roses | The Guy Blog

The date is approaching. That day many declare as a business created holiday. But the truth is that business creation or not, we will do whatever we can to impress our girlfriend, wife or lover.

I’d like to pause right here. If you do not have a girlfriend or partner, then this article might get you down… but if you’re one of the strong ones, then read on and learn.

Guys tend to procrastinate so much in the lead up to Valentine’s but the reality is that if it is an important day for our partner then the least we can do is treat with the same level of importance, because we love them.

I would like to give you some suggestions of ideas that can help you make this February 14 meaningful to both, and who knows how the night might end.


1. Loose The Teddy Bears, Lose Them Now.

red-bear-child-childhoodUnless your partner is 14 years old, stuffed animals are not OK. Believe me, I know it’s easier to go to any store and buy the first bear you see but your partner will appreciate you much more if you give them something that comes from the heart.

2. All Women Love Flowers

roses-690085_1280This must be the first thing on your list because it will, without a doubt, impress. All women love flowers. Perhaps there are 2 or 3 don’t, but mostly yes, women love flowers. So if it fits in your budget, you should send flowers to her at work. It is important that you send it to her while she’s at work since it almost always arrives as a surprise to her, with the bonus of her receiving compliments from her peers about how thoughtful you are.

3. Visit A Place With Historical Significance For The Relationship

Romance |The Guy Blog
Admit it, you didn’t think of doing this. Women are very romantic by nature and usually have a better memory than us regarding important dates and places. You can take a walk with her where you first met or where you shared your first kiss.

4. Buy Her A Day At The Spa

She will thank you from the bottom of her soul. Who doesn’t like to be pampered?

5. Make Dinner, Not Buy, Make.

befa5c7cfca376be94eddaf5af8d72f6It’s not everyday that you are making home cooked meals, and even if you are, this is the day for you to go all out and make something special. So surprise her with a special dinner made by you and you can earn some extra points.

6. Take her somewhere SHE has always wanted to go

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If money isn’t a problem, a trip together to some place that she’s always wanted to go is never a bad idea. A weekend at a resort or a camping trip for 2, you get the idea. If you are on a budget, then maybe a romantic dinner at a place she likes will do the trick.


If she is a romantic and likes poetry, reciting a poem you have memorized you (or written on your hand) during a romantic dinner is sure to leave an impression.

8. Take Over Her Chores

If you live together or are married, give her a break from the chores she usually takes care off. By you taking over, it’ll give her a chance to relax, and appreciate you more.

9. Surprise Serenade

Your neighbors will hate you, but who cares, it’s not everyday you get to serenade the person you love.

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